A romantic dinner by the Singapore River

Having Japanese Bentos by the Singapore River

I initially posted this pic on my instagram and was giving a brief description of what this was all about. Somehow, it ended like a poem that rhymed, lol.

A romantic dinner need not be one with candlelights
Having bentos by the Singapore River is just right
Great atmosphere with a gorgeous sight
Bliss and happiness with each bite

This scene looked as though we were having Japanese food at a restaurant by the Singapore River? In actual fact, we didn’t patronise any restaurant at all. The husband and I went to Liang Court and decided to grab bentos from Meidi-Ya Supermarket to bring home for dinner. As we were making our way home, we sighted empty tables that some people were making use of to rest their feet, have a drink or eat cos’ there was this particular bar that wasn’t open for business yet. And since the weather was ideal for some ‘al fresco’ dining, we thought we would just have our little ‘picnic’ there.

Japanese Bento

Dinner wasn’t too shabby for a bento set that was under 10 bucks. I had the teriyaki chicken set with tempura prawn while the husband got the chicken katsudon. The only gripe was that we couldn’t heat the food up so we had to eat it cold. The husband was a little moany about it but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, lol. Felt very contented and happy that I’m enjoying the simple pleasures in life again 🙂


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