Hameediyah Restaurant – Oldest Nasi Kandar Restaurant in Penang

After our little adventure at Wonderfood Museum, we headed towards Campbell Street to try out Malaysia’s oldest nasi kandar place, Hameediyah Restaurant. Nasi kandar, which originated from Penang, is basically the Tamil-Muslim version of ‘mixed rice’ or ‘curry rice’. That is, white rice served with various curries and side dishes. In one of my previous […]

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Penang Famous Samosa in Little India, George Town

During my previous trip to Penang, I got the chance to explore Little India. A colourful and vibrant enclave of Indian culture located around Queen Street, Chulia Street and Market Street in George Town. In this neighbourhood, one can find shops that sell spices, garments, ethnic clothing, trinkets & garlands, goldsmiths & jewellers, Indian restaurants […]

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