Penang Famous Samosa in Little India, George Town

During my previous trip to Penang, I got the chance to explore Little India. A colourful and vibrant enclave of Indian culture located around Queen Street, Chulia Street and Market Street in George Town.

In this neighbourhood, one can find shops that sell spices, garments, ethnic clothing, trinkets & garlands, goldsmiths & jewellers, Indian restaurants & vegetarian eateries, hipster cafes and so much more.

For the cafe-goers

I’m so glad to know that the two cafes I visited previously – The Mugshot Cafe and Coffee Affairs Roasters – are still in operation today. If you like cafe-hopping, go check them out!

There’s also Vikram’s Sweets & Snacks that sells cheap and good Indian sweets and tidbits.

Penang Famous Samosa in Little India, George Town

Just a short walk away from Vikram’s Sweets & Snacks at the junction of Lebuh Pasar (Market Street) and Queen Street, you’ll find this cart that sells Indian sweets and samosas.

Penang Famous Samosa in Little India, George Town

Penang Famous Samosa

This is well known as Penang Famous Samosa among the locals. Yep, it’s actually pretty common to have the word ‘famous’ in the names of F&B businesses here in Penang, lol. We’ve seen too many!

Hubby has always wanted to try some authentic Indian sweets whereas for me, I like samosas better. So we got a couple of sweets and savouries to share.

Prices start from RM0.60 for a Samosa Ubi or Vadai & up.

Penang Famous Samosa in Little India, George Town

Chicken Samosa (middle)

Whoa, the curry chicken filling inside was really legit. Very aromatic. And I really loved that crispy and crunchy samosa skin – tasted just like a cracker!

Egg Samosa (top left)

The curry filling tasted similar to the chicken one except there was a half hard-boiled egg in it. Very delicious too!

Masala Vadai (top right)

This masala vadai was one of the best I ever had. The flavour of spices really shone through. Fragrant!

Sweet Cake (top middle)

Soft and sweet with a milky flavour. Texture was like kueh. Not bad.

Jelebi (bottom right)

Like a deep-fried donut. It oozed oil and sugar syrup but to my surprise, it didn’t taste overly sweet.

Mysore Park (bottom middle)

This was like fudge made with condensed milk. Super concentrated level of sweetness. Couldn’t take it, lol.

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend the samosas from Penang Famous Samosa. No wonder they are ‘famous’! The samosas were really tasty, particularly the fried samosa skin that was so addictively crunchy yet not cloyingly greasy. I’m not sure if I can find such great tasting samosas in Singapore.

As for the sweets, hubby did enjoy them very much too. So if you have a sweet tooth, go get some to try but it’s better to share with others because the sweetness can be a bit overwhelming.

Missing the samosas now… ?

Penang Famous Samosa
No. 45, Queen Street
10200 George Town, Penang
9.30am to 8.00pm daily

+60 12-978 6513

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