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Chicken Mushroom and Pumpkin Rice – Rice Cooker Recipe

One of my favourite one-dish meals to make is Rice Cooker Chicken Rice. That is by combining and cooking rice, chicken stock, spring onions, sliced ginger, garlic cloves, pandan leaves and chicken in a regular rice cooker. This really saves a lot of time and effort than making Poached Chicken Rice Recipe the conventional way. With that […]

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Nasi Goreng Recipe (Indonesian/Malay Style Fried Rice)

I have an indescribable affinity with fried rice, probably all kinds of fried rice. It’s one of the most inexpensive comfort food for me because frying rice always reminds me of my beloved Granny. And because of that, I always get this familiar feeling of kinship and love when I eat fried rice and no […]

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