Brown Rice Vermicelli with Stewed Pork

Brown Rice vs. White Rice. All that ongoing health hype is probably making more and more people in Singapore choose whole grains over refined grains. Besides brown rice itself, you may have noticed that our supermarkets here are now stocked up with brown rice products as well – brown rice pasta, brown rice flour and […]

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White Bee Hoon Recipe 白米粉

Seems like the white bee hoon trend in Singapore isn’t quite dying out yet as I’m seeing new stalls popping up in the neighbourhood again. I must say I’m not really a big fan of white bee hoon because I’ve yet to try one that comes with a robust-tasting broth that is rich in natural […]

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Economical Bee Hoon Recipe 经济米粉

Economical fried bee hoon (or rice vermicelli) is undoubtedly one of the cheapest hawker meals (besides light bites like popiah or curry puff) we can find in Singapore. A plate of bee hoon with some sauteed cabbage and a sunny side up from a coffeeshop in my neighbourhood merely costs $1.80. And its portion is more […]

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