Late Night Eats at Zhonghua Road Night Market in Taichung

Zhonghua Road Night Market (中華路夜市) is situated along Zhonghua Road in Taichung’s Central District and has historically been one of Taichung’s most popular early night markets. However, since the emergence of additional night markets in other neighbourhoods, the number of visitors to Zhonghua Road Night Market has diminished significantly. Despite this decline, the market remains […]

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Fengjia Night Market – A Foodie’s Paradise in Taichung

At the end of our half day tour to Rainbow Village and Gaomei Wetlands, the tour coach dropped us off at Fengjia Night Market. Night markets are an important part of Taiwanese culture and are deeply ingrained in the daily lives of the people. They serve as a hub for socialising, shopping, and dining, and […]

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Ningxia Night Market

After an awesome late lunch at Kura Sushi, we headed towards the Taipei Main Station to check out the underground mall, where I spent ages shopping for skincare and beauty products, lol! Supposed to make our way to Ningxia Night Market but we were ‘hijacked’ by L’Herboflore sales promoters. Before coming to Taiwan, I had […]

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