Late Night Eats at Zhonghua Road Night Market in Taichung

Zhonghua Road Night Market (中華路夜市) is situated along Zhonghua Road in Taichung’s Central District and has historically been one of Taichung’s most popular early night markets. However, since the emergence of additional night markets in other neighbourhoods, the number of visitors to Zhonghua Road Night Market has diminished significantly. Despite this decline, the market remains a worthwhile destination for anyone wishing to experience the most authentic local flavours of old Taichung, and it is visited more frequently by locals than tourists. Personally, we chose to visit this market since it was just a one-minute walk from our hotel, which was quite convenient.

Zhonghua Road Night Market in Taichung

So one night, I was seriously craving some instant noodles, and we ended up hitting up a nearby 7-Eleven store to get our fix. But then we thought, why not add some more goodies to our supper feast? So we strolled over to Zhonghua Road Night Market, and we ended up with a whole smorgasbord of deliciousness!

Zhonghua Road Night Market in Taichung

Instant ramen, sandwiches, onigiri, tea eggs, and street food! 😉

By the way, I really think 7-Eleven stores in Taiwan are freaking amazing! Seriously, they’ve got some of the nicest snacks and food items ever, and don’t even get me started on the prices. It’s like a foodie’s paradise, I swear. I might have to dedicate an entire post to singing their praises, haha!

Zhonghua Road Night Market in Taichung

Boneless Fried Pork Rib 無骨排骨酥

We spotted the first pushcart stall parked outside 7-Eleven and decided to try it out. The lady boss didn’t seem very friendly and was pretty grumpy, plus the portion size was a bit small. Despite that, the pork ribs were nicely fried, with a crispy outer layer and a fragrant mix of seasonings.

Since the ribs had no bones, they were easy to eat. The meat was a little chewy, but not too tough. It was like the pork rib version of Salt & Pepper Chicken (Yan Su Ji).

Zhonghua Road Night Market in Taichung

Sweet Potato Balls 地瓜球

These sweet potato balls came in a super generous portion – we got around 30 balls in one bag!

They were QQ chewy on the inside and had a strong sweet potato flavour. We were lucky enough to get a freshly made batch, so they were piping hot.

Zhonghua Road Night Market in Taichung

While waiting in line, I had a blast watching the boss fry up the sweet potato balls – I was curious how he managed to get them so perfectly round while cooking. He was seriously skilled!

Papaya Milk 木瓜牛奶

This was hands down the best papaya milk we’ve tried in Taiwan! The cool thing about this drink shop is that we got to pick our own fresh milk brand. However, since we’re not locals, we didn’t know which brand to choose, so we asked the girl taking our order to recommend a thick and flavourful one.

The papaya milk she suggested was absolutely perfect! We asked for no sugar syrup, so all the sweetness came straight from the papaya. When mixed with the milk, it created a rich, creamy, and aromatic blend that was seriously delicious. It hit the spot!

Bi Lian Da Fried Chicken 比臉大鷄排

We stumbled upon this shop on Zhongshan Road while walking back to our hotel. It’s called 比臉大 (“Bigger Than Face”) probably because their fried chicken cutlet is massive, haha!

But what really cracked me up were the names they gave their fried chicken on the menu, like 比臉大 (bigger than face), 不要臉 (shameless), 小白臉 (toy boy) and 厚臉皮 (thick-skinned). It was pretty amusing!

Fried Chicken Breast 厚臉皮

We tried 厚臉皮, which was a thick cut of chicken breast meat. Felt so worth it for the price paid, lol.

The best part was how incredibly moist the chicken was, even though it was so thick. The batter was thin, extra crispy, and super flavourful. Honestly, it was just as good, if not better than Hot Star or J&G! I highly recommend giving it a try!

King Oyster Mushroom 杏鮑菇

We also decided to try their King Oyster Mushroom, and oh my goodness, they were amazing! The outside was super crispy while the inside was so juicy. Another winner!

Final thoughts

While it may not be as lively as some of the other night markets in Taichung, Zhonghua Road Night Market is still a fantastic spot for a late-night food adventure. I highly recommend rounding up a group of friends and heading to the market to explore all the endless options and delicious flavours that await you! It’s definitely worth checking out.

Zhonghua Road Night Market 中華路夜市
Section 1, Zhonghua Rd
Central Dist., Taichung City 400
4.00pm to 4.00am daily

+886 4 2228 9111

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