Late Night Eats at Zhonghua Road Night Market in Taichung

Zhonghua Road Night Market (中華路夜市) is situated along Zhonghua Road in Taichung’s Central District and has historically been one of Taichung’s most popular early night markets. However, since the emergence of additional night markets in other neighbourhoods, the number of visitors to Zhonghua Road Night Market has diminished significantly. Despite this decline, the market remains […]

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JG Fried Chicken Taichung

J&G Fried Chicken in Taichung

If you’re a fan of finger-licking good fried chicken, then J&G Fried Chicken (繼光香香雞) is a name that needs no introduction. This popular Taiwanese fast food chain has won over the hearts and taste buds of countless foodies. And it all began way back in 1973 on the bustling Jiguang Street in Taichung’s Central District. […]

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