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JG Fried Chicken Taichung

Crispy, Juicy and Delicious: A Review of J&G Fried Chicken in Taichung

J&G Fried Chicken (繼光香香雞), also known as Jiguang Street Fried Chicken, is a well-known fast food chain that specializes in fried chicken and is based in Taichung, Taiwan. The brand takes its name from Jiguang Street in Taichung’s Central District.

The story of J&G Fried Chicken

J&G Fried Chicken was established in 1973 with its first location on Jiguang Street. Over the years, the brand has grown into a chain store and eventually a fast casual restaurant, and even expanded overseas.

The restaurant is famous for its crispy and juicy fried chicken, which is marinated using a secret blend of spices before being fried to perfection. Customers can also enjoy a variety of sides to go with the chicken, such as fried king oyster mushrooms, french fries, sweet potato fries, taro balls, and sweet potato balls.

JG Fried Chicken was previously available in Singapore

JG Fried Chicken used to have one outlet located at Tiong Bahru Plaza but it closed down after a short period of time. It was at this location where we first tried the delicious fried chicken and became fans. Currently, the chain operates internationally only in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Canada, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Original store has been relocated

Even though JG Fried Chicken has many locations across Taiwan, we chose to visit the original store located at No. 91 Jiguang Street. However, this original location has since been closed and has relocated to their Zhongshan flagship store at No. 29 Zhongshan Road.

Here’s what we got:

JG Fried Chicken Taichung

Signature Popcorn Chicken 香香炸鷄

This was just as good as we remembered it to be! So happy to be able to taste this fried chicken again after so many years! I preferred JG Fried Chicken’s fried chicken over other similar brands because of the unique blend of seasonings and spices used. Very umami with a slight spicy kick.

Though this was called popcorn chicken, the chunks were much bigger than regular popcorn chicken, lol. Not complaining because they were much more meaty!

They did an excellent job frying the chicken. The batter wasn’t too thick, which was a good thing. The outside was hot, crispy, and crunchy. And the meat’s interior was moist and juicy. The best part was that they didn’t taste greasy at all. We could eat a lot of this and not get sick of it.

JG Fried Chicken Taichung

King Oyster Mushroom 蒜脆杏鮑菇

I highly recommend these king oyster mushrooms as well. They were fried to a crispy exterior, while still retaining their juiciness on the inside. Each bite resulted in a burst of juice, making them difficult to resist. Yum!

Final thoughts

If you like fried food, you can’t go wrong with J&G Fried Chicken in Taiwan. The crispy exterior contrasts nicely with the juicy and tender meat inside, giving the fried chicken a satisfying crunch with each bite. This place is fried food heaven!

J&G Fried Chicken 繼光香香雞 (台中中山旗艦店)
No. 29, Zhongshan Rd
Central Dist., Taichung City 400
11.00am to 9.00pm daily

+886 4 2226 7919





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