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Oven Baked Egg Plant (Brinjal) with Cheese Recipe

I’m really not sure how I’ve grown to love brinjal or egg plant this much in recent years when it used to be something I hated and just refused to eat (like lady’s fingers or okra which I still dislike!). I think my palates changed when I started having brinjal from Hup Chong Hakka Yong Dou […]

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Kailan with Silken Tofu Recipe

I eat a lot of tofu, not just because it’s nutritious but I like how versatile it is that you can braise, boil, steam or fry it. And since I’m trying to cut down on carbs and meat, tofu is my best source of protein that is low in calories yet filling enough for me. […]

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Bean Sprouts with Firm Tofu

Stir Fried Bean Sprouts with Firm Tofu Recipe: Budget Meal Idea

The husband and I love bean sprouts because of its light and crunchy texture. Plus it is probably the cheapest vegetable you can get from the wet market (I bought mine for only $0.30!) so it’s really a very affordable dish. I try to pair bean sprouts with different ingredients for variety. If you like […]

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Kai Lan with Enoki Mushrooms

Kai Lan with Enoki Mushrooms Recipe

I realise I don’t have many veggie dishes in my recipe book even though I’d always cook up greens for dinner. Probably because the cooking styles are more or less the same by using fish sauce, oyster sauce or both and I’m used to plain vegetables with just a little light soy sauce anyway which […]

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