Te Chang You Tiao Wang (特长油条王) | Penang

From Sister Curry Mee, we took a 10-minute walk along Jalan Paya Terubong to get to Te Chang You Tiao Wang, which specialises in fried dough fritters. As its name suggests, they don’t just make dough fritters, they make extra long ones.

Their you tiao is approximately 14 inches long i.e. almost the length of my lower arm, from the fingertip to elbow.

Very straightforward route. Distance was approximately 750m. Just scroll down below for the walking route if you’re coming from Sister Curry Mee too. Once you see Hye Win Furniture signage, you know you’re in the right place as Te Chang You Tiao Wang is just next door.

Te Chang You Tiao Wang (特长油条王) | Penang

An unassuming shop. We came here at around 10am and there weren’t any other customers. Most of the time, people would just drive through and grab bags of dough fritters to go so no one actually dined in except us.


Te Chang You Tiao Wang sells original you tiao a.k.a. Te Chang You Tiao @ RM2 and also you tiao in various savoury and sweet flavours –

  • Sausage + Mayonnaise RM5
  • Floss + Mayonnaise RM5
  • Tuna + Mayonnaise RM5
  • Kaya + Butter RM4.50
  • Honey + Butter RM4.50
  • Peanut + Butter RM4.50
  • Black & White Sesame Twins RM1.50

They also have Soya Bean Milk @ RM2 per serving.

Te Chang You Tiao Wang (特长油条王) | Penang

We ordered two savoury you tiao to try.

Sausage + Mayonnaise

Or rather frozen frankfurter with mayonnaise and sweet chilli sauce. This was surprisingly good! The you tiao was big, airy and crispy but it was really oily too. Portion size was quite big as well so it would be better to share this plate with a few people, otherwise could get really sickly.

Te Chang You Tiao Wang (特长油条王) | Penang

Floss + Mayonnaise

This floss one was quite bland in flavour. But because the sausage one was so cloyingly rich, this somewhat balanced it up.

Te Chang You Tiao Wang, you should seriously consider changing your brand of floss.

If you’re a you tiao fan or just love anything fried, come check this place out. Their you tiao is so big and puffy, it’s actually quite shiok to bite into it. I will have to return next time to try out the sweet ones. Hopefully by then, they will introduce more new flavours too.

Te Chang You Tiao Wang
1228 Q, Jalan Paya Terubong, Bandar Baru Air Itam
11600 Ayer Itam, Pulau Pinang
6.00am to 12.00pm Wed-Mon
Closed on Tuesdays

+60 16-433 7301

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