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What To Buy From The Thai Supermarket @ Golden Mile Complex

Thought I would make a trip down to the Thai supermarket at Golden Mile Complex (nearest MRT Station is Nicoll Highway on Circle Line) just before I leave for my Bangkok trip. Hadn’t been there for quite some time and I just wanted to update myself on the available products there so I wouldn’t be lugging home the same stuffs from Bangkok when I could readily get them from Singapore. Prices might be more expensive here but it wouldn’t be a vast difference. On the whole, the Thai supermarket is still quite an affordable place to shop in by our local standards. I would rather reserve my luggage space for my other must-buys than to save a few pennies, haha. ๐Ÿ˜‰

For those of you who are missing the Land of Smiles since your last holiday there, Golden Mile Complex is the closest Little Thailand to go if you want to get cooking ingredients to recreate your favourite Thai dishes at home, enjoy a good authentic Thai meal at one of the restaurants there and also treat yourself to some street food snacks and desserts. Just to relive those holiday moments again. ๐Ÿ™‚

I checked out the Thai supermarket and picked out 18 things that I felt were worth buying here in Singapore:

1. Dipping Sauces

Thai Supermarket Golden Mile Complex

The range of dipping sauces and chilli sauces they have is just incredible. There’s no other better place than this to get sriracha (both red & green), sweet chilli sauce and seafood sauce. Also spotted interesting flavours like pineapple chilli sauce and the Thai version of teriyaki sauce.

2. Pad Thai Sauce

Thai Supermarket Golden Mile Complex

While pad thai isn’t really a difficult dish to make from scratch (check out my Pad Thai Recipe), you can grab a bottle of ready-to-use pad thai sauce for convenience sake.

Thai Supermarket Golden Mile Complex

The various brands of pad thai sauce are concocted differently as some might be more spicy, some might be more sweet and so on. You have to try a few types and see which suits your palate best.

3. Mama Instant Noodles

Thai Supermarket Golden Mile Complex

We all love our instant noodles a lot, don’t we? I have friends who like to bring back Nong Shim noodles from South Korea, Indomie from Indonesia and MyKuali from Malaysia. So what to look out for when in Thailand? Mama brand instant noodles.

Thai Supermarket Golden Mile Complex

Their tom yum flavoured noodles is one of the best in the market.

4. Thai Tea Mix

Thai Supermarket Golden Mile Complex

Cha Tra Mue has been known as the number one brand original Thai tea since 1945. Their outlets are located in many downtown BTS Stations as well as shopping malls in Bangkok. Their tea is intense and aromatic. Highly recommended.

5. Fried Garlic

Thai Supermarket Golden Mile Complex

Fried garlic doesn’t sound that special, does it? You can just easily buy garlic from the supermarket, chop them up and fry in oil. But what makes this different is that Thai garlic is used. Thai garlic cloves are smaller in size and are much more flavourful than the regular garlic. You can use this in stir fries, with fried meat or sprinkle them over salads.

6. Vegetable Noodles

Thai Supermarket Golden Mile Complex

Well, this isn’t a Thai product but this supermarket also has a Vietnamese section that carries a lot of authentic Vietnamese products that you can’t get elsewhere. I picked this up because the noodles are so colourful. Sure to spruce up your dish with those vibrant colours.

7. Lemongrass with Pandan Leave Tea

Thai Supermarket Golden Mile Complex

I had this combination of tea before and it was really fragrant and refreshing hence when I saw this at the supermarket, I just had to buy it.

Thai Supermarket Golden Mile Complex

Everything in this packet is just naturally dried lemongrass and pandan so all you need to do is to infuse a small handful of them in boiling water and enjoy. Add honey if you like a bit of sweetness. It’s quite a soothing and calming tea to have especially ideal after a heavy meal.

8. Shrimp and Crab Chips

Thai Supermarket Golden Mile Complex

Once you try these shrimp or crab chips (S$2.80 per canister), you will probably not buy those local keropok again. These are so fresh, light and crispy with a nice peppery flavour. I actually like the crab one better than the shrimp. Totally addictive.

9. Koh-Kae Nuts

Thai Supermarket Golden Mile Complex

One of our all-time favourite snacks since a long, long time ago. These are peanuts covered in crunchy shells and come in different flavours like Coconut Cream, BBQ, Tom Yum & more.

10. Lay’s Potato Chips

Thai Supermarket Golden Mile Complex

These aren’t your usual potato chips that come in conventional flavours like BBQ or Sour Cream & Onion. Over here, they only have two flavours – Spicy Seafood and American Pork Ribs. If you check out the supermarket in Bangkok, expect to find other interesting flavours like Sweet Basil, Scallops with Garlic Butter, Hot Chilli Squid and Spicy Lobster.

11. Flavoured Soy Drinks

Thai Supermarket Golden Mile Complex

Took notice of this shelf because I like old school bottle packaging and each bottle is only S$1. What really caught my eye was the Thai Tea flavoured soy milk.

Thai Supermarket Golden Mile Complex

Bought 3 flavours of the soy milk drink – Adzuki Bean, Double Choco Shake and Thai Tea. Loved the Thai Tea one as I could taste both the tea and soy in it – very fragrant, smooth and delicious. The Adzuki Bean one was like an ice kachang in liquid form – not bad too. Chocolate one wasn’t chocolatey enough though. Overall, I liked that this wasn’t overly sweet. Worth trying.

12. Thai Style Tableware

Thai Supermarket Golden Mile Complex

Those plates you see at Nakhon Kitchen and other Thai restaurants – yes, you can also buy them here. You can get them for cheaper at Chatuchak Market but they are just too heavy to bring back home. Material is thick and workmanship is pretty good too.

13. Curry Pastes

Thai Supermarket Golden Mile Complex

Here’s where I would buy my green, red and yellow curry pastes. I particularly like the Maepranom brand of pastes that don’t contain artificial colourings, preservatives or MSG and are really easy to prepare.

14. Local Vegetables

Thai Supermarket Golden Mile Complex

You can get a lot of Thai local produce here – prices are quite reasonable.

Thai Supermarket Golden Mile Complex

These are the small Thai garlic that I’ve mentioned about earlier.

Thai Supermarket Golden Mile Complex

Gigantic banana bud

15. Herbs

Thai Supermarket Golden Mile Complex

This is probably the only place with the most extensive range of fresh herbs with some that I’ve never seen before too.

Thai Supermarket Golden Mile Complex

I like to buy these Thai basil to make my Thai Basil Chicken Recipe.

16. Bamboo Shoots

Thai Supermarket Golden Mile Complex

While you can get fresh bamboo shoot at the vegetable section, you can also find these chilled ones in packet. Good for making salads or add them into curries.

17.ย Fruits

Thai Supermarket Golden Mile Complex

If you remember drinking orange juice from the streets of Bangkok, well, it is from this type of oranges. They are so sweet and the bright orange colour of the juice is all natural, not from artificial colouring.

Thai Supermarket Golden Mile Complex

Green mangoes for making salads

18. Soaps

Thai Supermarket Golden Mile Complex

Saw a few women buying this so I went to check them out. These are actually soaps that come in various flavours.

Thai Supermarket Golden Mile Complex

Tamarind & Ginger is an anti-aging soap, lol. Interesting. Depending on the ingredients of the soap, they come with different properties and benefits so who knows, there may be just one that is suitable for you.

This supermarket opens from 9.30am to 9.30pm daily.

Golden Mile Complex

After you’ve checked out at the cashier, go grab some snacks from this street food corner right outside the supermarket.

Golden Mile Complex Banana Fritters

This fried banana fritter (5 for S$2) is like one of the best I’ve had – probably on par with (if not better than) those I had tried from street food stalls in Bangkok previously. Not kidding. I purposely waited for a new batch so these were fresh and hot. So crispy and yum!

Golden Mile Complex Diandin Leluk

Before you leave the complex, you may also want to check out Diandin Leluk on Level One which is a Thai restaurant that also sells classic Thai street food favourites and desserts.

Golden Mile Complex Diandin Leluk

My ultimate comfort food snack – crispy pork skin crackling. Can just eat as a snack on its own or use as topping for salads and soups.

Golden Mile Complex Diandin Leluk Mango Sticky Rice

Their mango sticky rice (S$6) never disappoints too. Sweet mango slices on top a bed of perfectly cooked glutinous rice with a creamy but not overly rich and sweet coconut milk sauce. Delicious.

Snacks from Golden Mile Complex

My movie snack that night with pork crackling and prawn crackers. What indulgence, yum!


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