Tokutokuya Singapore – A 100 yen shop from Japan with S$2 great finds & more

Update Jan 2017: The Tokutokuya outlets at Kallang Leisure Park & Ang Mo Kio Big Mac Centre are now changed to Mijyi – Your Dollar Up Mart. The only Tokutokuya outlet in SG is located at Changi City Point.

Just a quick post for today cos’ I’m now preparing for Double-11 (11 November) which is the largest online shopping day in the world! And I’m just about going crazy on Taobao (because everything’s in Chinese!) with a huge shopping cart of (more) zakka, kitchenware, photography props and a bunch of stuff for the husband too. Ooooh, so exciting!!! 😀

It seemed like Lady Luck had been smiling on me recently because I had won several contests in a row, woohoo! Lady Lottery, are you coming my way too? haha! Anyway, I dropped by Leisure Park Kallang’s Filmgarde Cineplex to collect my movie voucher prize and while I was doing my window shopping, I stumbled upon Tokutokuya which was just like a Daiso store except that it had more aesthetically pleasing zakka finds and homeware. 😉 While most items in Tokutokuya had no price tags and that meant they were priced at S$2 each, there was also a selection of premium goods with individual price tags of S$3 and up.

Tokutokuya Singapore

After spending more than an hour in the shop, I managed to leave the shop with a ‘modest’ loot. Particularly loved my apple-shaped porcelain bowl, fancy cutleries and biscuit stamps. 🙂

The next day, I decided that I would visit their second outlet at Changi City Point too. Yeah, I’m an addict. 😛

Tokutokuya Singapore

These wooden plates (S$9 each) caught my eye and I just had to grab them. Made in the Philippines. Quality seemed pretty good. I liked that they were quite thick and solid and that the surface was also treated so it wasn’t a problem to wash them like how I would with other regular dishes (no abrasive scrubbing pads of course!).

For those looking for Japanese-style ceramic dishware, wooden tableware, patterned cutleries and decorative zakka, you might want to check out Tokutokuya cos’ they have a different range of these products as compared to Daiso’s which hasn’t been updated for a long time now.

Happy shopping, folks! 😉


Tokutokuya @ Changi City Point
5 Changi Business Park Central 1
Singapore 486038

Website: http://www.tokutokuya.com/en/
Facebook page
Opening hours: 10am to 10pm daily


  • smurf says:

    Wah……lucky you. ? . That was a nice find. Now I am eager to go shop there, too.

  • kk says:

    Chanced on your blog today.. and great info.. Thanks for your kind sharing. Btw, the Taobao web, wow looks good but I don’t know Chinese; do they have English translation? Thanks and have a nice week ahead**

  • Connie says:

    The Changi City Point is not the only Tokutokuya outlet, moreover is temporary closed due to some internal issues which were written on a notice paste on the shutter. There’s another outlet at Suntec City

  • Chu Sau Wai says:

    There is one outlet at Westgate. I also happened to stumble to this shop and have things that are different from Daiso. Went there the 2nd time in a week to buy more plastic ware. Worth checking it out.

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