Turkey Bacon, Corn and Cheese Muffins Recipe

It’s the first day of Chinese New Year but I’m going nowhere because my family and I aren’t celebrating the festival due to the recent demise of my paternal granny as we are observing a 100-day mourning period. It’s been a grieving week. Thought my maternal grandmother who has final stage pancreatic cancer would go first as the doctor said to us she might not live past CNY this year but it was my 102-year-old Granny who passed away in her sleep last week. An eternal farewell that I knew would come one day but it is just difficult to accept because she meant the world to me more than anything else…

Turkey Bacon, Corn and Cheese Muffins Recipe

While I do enjoy sweet muffins every now and then, I actually like savoury ones better. It’s a kind of comfort food that makes you feel really good especially when you dig into them while they are still warm and fluffy inside. I added cheddar cheese, turkey bacon and fresh sweet corn kernels into the muffins to give them textures. Every bite was just so full of flavour – salty bacon, sweet corn, aromatic spring onion – absolutely yum. Time for afternoon tea.

Turkey Bacon, Corn and Cheese Muffins Recipe

Turkey Bacon, Corn and Cheese Muffins Recipe

Ingredients (makes 12 regular-sized muffins)
300g self raising flour, sifted
120g cheddar cheese, grated
150g turkey bacon, diced
corn kernels from 1 sweet corn cob
4 stalks spring onions, finely chopped
350ml skimmed milk
100g butter, melted + extra for greasing
1 large egg, lightly beaten

1. Preheat oven to 180 deg C with fan. Lightly grease a 12-hole muffin pan with butter.
2. Combine flour, cheese, bacon and corn in a large mixing bowl.
3. Add milk, butter and egg. Mix thoroughly and then stir in the spring onions.
4. Spoon mixture into greased muffin pan and bake for 20 minutes or till toothpick inserted in centre of muffin comes out clean.
5. Let the muffins stand in the pan for 10 minutes before removing them.


  • Hi
    This looks great and I am sure good too. Cheese, bacon, onions and eggs are always happy together. Great post !

  • ohhjacqui says:

    sorry to hear about your grandmother ❤i understand the loss completely I adored mine & my dad has just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, much love in you’re time of mourning ?

    • Geri Tan says:

      Hey, thanks a lot. I’m just giving myself all the time I need to grieve and hopefully let time heal the wounds. Sorry to hear about your Dad. My maternal grandmother has also been diagnosed with final stage pancreatic cancer just before Christmas so I feel the same. But let’s be strong and make the most of everyday with our loved ones. Take good care.

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