I’m proud of myself for making the first step today. Talking to S gave me a new outlook. I am glad (and thankful) for having an understanding soul like her in my life. Hopefully it will put me on the road to recovery and let me find back my old bubbly self.

I never realised before that I could get a good view of sunset from my home office. A soothing sight that eases the mind…I was instantly inspired to pen this.

by Geri Tan

Standing by the window
To catch a glimpse of twilight
Reminiscing the old days
When we were flying kite
Squabbling like little kids
Sometimes we did fight
Baking chocolate chip cookies
We couldn’t wait to take a bite
You were once a poet
I was an aspiring playwright
Laughing over silly jokes
Our smiles were always bright
One day we found a stray kitten
We brought home and held it tight
Hiding it in boxes
Afraid someone would catch sight
Times were happier then
We always made things right
When the bullies came
We always show our might
Such a simpler life
Is now an oversight
I hope to relive life again
So it is not a sorry plight

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