Uggli Muffins – Don’t judge a muffin by its looks!

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Ever since I discovered Pickupp’s food delivery service more than a month ago, I’ve been using it regularly to deliver tea time treats from my favourite bakeries to my doorstep. Very convenient service as I’m working from home so it really saves me the time and hassle to travel to town just to pick up snacks and pastries that I like.

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Uggli Muffins - Don't judge a muffin by its looks!

For my first order, I got myself a box of Uggli Muffins which I haven’t had for a long while. Delivery was done on a specified date within a stipulated time window. Received my order in excellent condition.

Uggli Muffins - Don't judge a muffin by its looks!

If you haven’t tried Uggli Muffins before, you’re really missing out! Their muffins are different from others because they don’t look as ‘pretty’ hence the name, lol.

But I don’t find them ugly at all. They just have more of a home-style appearance. Colour is more brown than usual. Top is more caramelised. Shape is irregular too. Nonetheless, they still look very appealing and delicious.

Uggli Muffins - Don't judge a muffin by its looks!

This was the Surprise Combo Box that consisted of 5 different flavours. You would not be able to choose the flavours as they are supposed to be a surprise. Which means, you could receive the same muffins too or completely different ones.

Blueberry + Sliced Almonds

Nice nutty flavour with the addition of sliced almonds. Could also taste mild sweetness from the juicy blueberries.

Banana + Walnut

Nostalgic taste of old school banana cake. I always like this classic combination of banana and walnut.

Longan + Walnut

My first time having dried longans in muffins. Very unique pairing but it totally worked! The longan pieces were sweet and somewhat crunchy. Nice!

Peanut + Chocolate Chips

A little underwhelming. The peanuts were only scattered on the top. Did provide a good crunch but overall, this was quite plain.

Cranberry + Melon Seeds

I liked the melon seed topping which really added an extra touch of fragrance.

All the muffins were moist and had a light, fluffy texture. If you just hold up the muffin with bare hands, you’ll find your fingers becoming quite greasy. Despite that, the muffins were not cloyingly rich. Not very sweet too. In fact, not sweet at all. Two of us could finish all the muffins in one sitting without feeling sickly.

There, you can see how airy the inside of the muffin was.

Final Thoughts

All the muffins tasted somewhat the same. Basically, the same batter was used for all but with different toppings/ingredients.

One gripe though – some of the muffins might be overdone so they had a slight bitter taste. Not a big deal if you like a bit of char.

Great experience with using Pickupp. I’ve already checked out my second order i.e. bolo buns from Champion Bolo Bun. Shall share more later!

Uggli Muffins has two outlets in Singapore:

  • 127 Toa Payoh Lorong 1 #02-34 Singapore 310127
  • 202 Jalan Besar Singapore 208888

Or you can use Pickupp to order just like what I did 🙂 Remember to apply the Pickupp referral code above to get your $8 off!

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