Viet9 Baguette in Toa Payoh

While we were in Toa Payoh Central for our dental appointment, something unexpected caught our attention—a delightful little gem called Viet9 Baguette. It’s a takeaway joint that specialises in authentic Vietnamese cuisine, with a focus on banh mi sandwiches, spring rolls, grilled pork noodles, and grilled pork rice dishes.


Viet9 Baguette’s menu is not extensive, featuring a concise selection of only ten food items. The prices differ depending on your choice: the traditional banh mi is priced at $6, while the grilled pork with rice dish costs $7. If you’re seeking a satisfying and well-rounded meal, they also offer combo options. By spending just $8.30, you can relish a special banh mi paired with a refreshing drink, creating a complete meal experience at an affordable price.

During our visit, we had the pleasure of meeting the owner of the shop—a Vietnamese lady who has been residing in Singapore for many years. What struck us most was her friendly nature. As she prepared my order, we engaged in a pleasant chat, and she shared that Viet9 Baguette has been in business for the past two years.

By the way, if you decide to order a banh mi, the owner will ask if you want chilli in your sandwich. Keep in mind that their chilli can be quite spicy!

Here’s what we got:

Traditional Vietnam Bread / Banh Mi Truyen Thong – $6.00

This banh mi took us right back to the streets of Hanoi. It contained pate and processed sausage or ham slices, resulting in a strong liver flavour. The dressing was sweeter than usual, and the chilli added a nice kick. The sandwich also had a good crunch from the cucumber, radish, carrot, and coriander. The baguette itself was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside and not too thick.

Bread with BBQ Pork + Pate + Butter / Banh Mi Thit Nuong – $6.00

We preferred this banh mi to the traditional one as the BBQ pork, which resembled sausages, was meaty and well seasoned, rather than being processed with lots of starch.

Vietnamese Spring Roll / Goi Cuon – $6.00

Fresh, crunchy prawns. Refreshing peppermint leaves. I liked the clean taste of this. Would have preferred a creamy peanut-based dipping sauce instead of the traditional fish sauce.

Vienamese Grilled Pork with Rice / Com Suon Trung – $7.00

The well-marinated pork had plenty of flavour but lacked a smoky taste. The meat wasn’t overly tough but not particularly tender either. The sunny-side-up egg was overcooked, and we would have preferred a runny yolk.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I wouldn’t describe the food at Viet9 Baguette as amazing, but rather homey. The prices were reasonable, which was an added bonus. What impressed us most was the fact that Viet9 Baguette brought something new and unique to Toa Payoh. Vietnamese cuisine isn’t very common in this area, so having this little shop adds a much-appreciated variety to the local dining scene. If you’re in the mood to try something different, Viet9 Baguette is definitely worth a visit. It may not blow you away, but it provides a decent option for a satisfying and comforting meal.

Viet9 Baguette
Blk 183 Toa Payoh Central
Singapore 310183
9.00am to 9.00pm daily

+65 8882 0408



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