What to buy from Daiso – Placemats, Kitchen Stuffs & Clothes Hanger

It’s shopping time again! Here’s a glimpse of my Daiso shopping haul accumulated over two trips…


Clockwise from top left: Japanese Tray for Soba Noodles or Tempura, Cookie & Vegetable Cutters, Mini Casserole Dish and Fabric Clothes Hanger

When I picked up this pretty floral clothes hanger, an auntie (probably in her 50s) who was just standing near me, suddenly grabbed my hanger and suggested that I buy velvet hangers from Qoo10 as they are ‘non-slip and very good’ and she changed her entire house of hangers to the velvet ones. While I appreciated that she had shared a good buy with me, I was also amused that this auntie was so into online shopping and was even aware of Qoo10 when my parents had never even heard of it! Or perhaps she might be the one selling those velvet hangers on Qoo10 so she was merely promoting her own business. The new era of online shopping! I’m impressed.

Anyway, the reason why I had only bought ONE piece of clothes hanger was because I only needed one for photography reasons for my retail store. Tops like tanks and spaghetti straps tend to slip off plastic hangers so this fabric one holds up every piece of clothing perfectly. It will not be too pocket friendly if you are thinking of getting these hangers for your entire wardrobe. At $2.00 a piece, I’m sure there are better alternatives out there. Go check out Qoo10 as suggested by the auntie ;p

Japanese tray and casserole dish make pretty food bases in my photos for my home recipes. Cookie cutter is for the jam biscuit which I’m going to try making very soon.


Placemats galore!

I’m hooked on placemats these days! So I just grabbed one piece of whatever design I fancy off the shelf. And I’m still looking out for more new colours and patterns. Again, these are to be used in my food photos for my recipes. So if you’re looking for new placemats for your dining table, you might like to check out Daiso for their variety. Each fabric placemat is only $2.00! For the red/white polka dots design, it’s $2.00 for a pack of 4 pieces. What a deal!

Happy shopping, folks!

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