Yi Qian Ling Yi Ye Steamboat Buffet

I discovered Yi Qian Ling Yi Ye about two years ago when I was looking for hotpot buffet on the Eatigo app. It’s now our all-time favourite hotpot place as we would patronise at least once every 2-3 weeks. The most appealing thing about this place is of course its very affordable price. It’s cheap but it doesn’t mean it’s of poor standard.?

Amazingly affordable price for hotpot

$19.80+ per pax ($9.90+ after 50% Eatigo discount) for a hotpot buffet that lets you eat all the meat you want to your heart’s content. Or $26.80+ per pax ($13.40+ after 50% Eatigo discount) for free-flow seafood on top of everything else. Too good to be true right? But it’s real!?

The only catch is that you most likely need to have a meal during non-peak hours to make use of the 50% discount. Most merchants on Eatigo use higher discounts during these times to draw customers to their respective restaurant. Even if you go there at other times, you are still able to get 10-30% off your bill so go download the Eatigo app now to enjoy dining discounts.?

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Yi Qian Ling Yi Ye Steamboat Buffet

Yi Qian Ling Yi Ye is located at the B1 level of Northpoint City’s South Wing amid a dizzying array of food outlets. It is not a huge restaurant. So if you don’t like to wait, I would suggest that you come for an early lunch or brunch as the first time slot of reservation opens at 10.30am. If you book this early time slot via Eatigo, you’ll enjoy 50% off your bill and it’s available everyday including weekends. Don’t say I didn’t tell you.?

Yi Qian Ling Yi Ye Steamboat Buffet

I always come here with J so we’d normally sit by the conveyor belt with our own individual hotpot. However if you come in a group of 3 or more, you can choose to sit at the table. They will serve the soup bases in a dual- or multi-compartment pot so everyone can share-try the different soups.

Yi Qian Ling Yi Ye Steamboat Buffet

Extensive menu

This is the menu board at the entrance of the restaurant. I normally go for the standard buffet (no seafood) so I can’t comment on the seafood varieties or their freshness and quality. Can’t really eat that much now as I grow older.? Meat and veggies are good enough for me.

Once seated, just scan this QR code to access the menu.

You can order your soup base from the menu. Do note except for mala, chicken and pork, you’ll need to top up extra for others. As you scroll down, you can see the entire menu of available ingredients. There are different meats in different cuts & styles (pork, chicken, mutton & beef), assortment of beancurd or soy items, wide range of vegetables, yong tau foo, noodles and more.

Yi Qian Ling Yi Ye Steamboat Buffet

While waiting for your order, help yourself to the ingredients on the conveyor belt. Note it’s not the whole range on the menu so there are still many other items you’d need to order separately.

Yi Qian Ling Yi Ye Steamboat Buffet

Delivered to you on a bullet train

If your order is not huge and can safely fit onto the bullet train, that’s where you’ll pick up the items from when it stops in front of you. Remove the tray and press the lighted button to send the train back to the kitchen.

Yi Qian Ling Yi Ye Steamboat Buffet

Fresh ingredients

Fried beancurd skin (I always have 4-5 servings of this – so addictive), quail eggs, Chinese lettuce and bean sprouts are some of my favourite things to eat at a hotpot.

Yi Qian Ling Yi Ye Steamboat Buffet

It’s a meat galore

Because we tend to order a lot of meat, the service staff would just bring the whole lot to us. All neatly presented and stacked up.

Any pork belly fans like us??

Personally I prefer the chicken and mala soup bases while J likes the pork one which I think it’s a tad too porky in flavour for my liking. The chicken soup (pictured above) had red dates, goji berries and chunks of chicken meat with bones which really added an extra layer of fragrance and sweetness. If you can’t take spice, this chicken soup base will be a good one as it’s not heavily seasoned so you don’t have to worry about it being too salty after adding your hotpot ingredients.

Choose the level of spiciness

Whenever I feel like I need to spice up my mood, I will come here for mala hotpot. You can choose the level of spiciness when ordering from the menu. I always go for the mild one because I don’t like mala soup that numbs my tongue so badly, I can’t taste anything else. This is good because it’s not super oily and is flavoursome enough to give that spicy kick.

Create your own dipping sauce formula

There is a good assortment of condiments and sauces which you can mix and match to create your favourite dipping sauce. My concoction formula includes 4-5 tbsp sesame sauce, 1 tsp minced garlic, 1 tsp chilli sauce, 1 tsp sliced red chilli, 1 tsp shacha sauce, 1 tsp fermented beancurd, chopped spring onions, chopped coriander, crushed peanuts, sesame seeds and a drizzle of sesame oil. Mix everything up and you’re good to go.?

There are no labels at the condiments station so you really have to guess what some of them are. Or take a sniff to find out, lol.?

Fried snacks to satisfy your junk food cravings

One side of the restaurant is lined with an ice cream chiller, a hot food display case with fried snacks and another chiller with sliced fruits and/or cakes in it. The ice cream and fruits are always available. However there were a few times when I came around 3-4pm, the hot food wasn’t replenished and there weren’t any cakes. But that didn’t really bother me. It just meant I could eat more hotpot stuffs and less junk, lol.

Ice cream for a sweet ending

Took these ice cream shots on two separate occasions. There would always be 5-6 ice cream flavours (on random) to choose from. I like that they use Mingo brand of ice cream. Tastier than those supermarket brands like King’s or Wall’s.?

All the flavours are good but I love Tutti Fruitty best because it’s colourful and it has gummies in it. Taro, Mint Chocolate Chip, Cookies & Cream, Durian and Coconut are pretty awesome too.

The cakes are mediocre. Not worth the calories! If the cakes aren’t available when you’re here for hotpot, you’re not missing out.?

Good Value, Satisfying Meal

Yi Qian Ling Yi Ye may not be a premium hotpot restaurant but for the price of about $10 per person (after discount), I really have no complains. I mean, how often do you find a steamboat buffet for 10 bucks in an expensive city like Singapore? I do find the buffet very value-for-money because they have a good variety of fresh ingredients. At least they have everything that I want. Soup bases are not amazing but they become very tasty and sweet after you’ve cooked stuffs in them. And most importantly, I don’t feel thirsty after the meal. Service is also good. Staff are always friendly and polite. Very quick to clear empty plates too. No reason not to come back.?

Yi Qian Ling Yi Ye
Yi Qian Ling Yi Ye
930 Yishun Avenue 2
#B1-184 Northpoint City South Wing
Singapore 769098
10.30am to 9.00pm daily

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