Yum Cha Restaurant in the heart of Chinatown

What’s the best thing to do on a Sunday besides not having to wake up early for work? Enjoying a sumptuous dim sum morning tea with the family! Oh I love Sundays ๐Ÿ™‚

Yum Cha Chinatown is somewhere we frequent very often for dim sum. We love the look and feel of the restaurant that makes us feel we are back in the 50s or 60s in Hong Kong. Dim sum are served hot and fresh on push carts, for both steamed and fried items. The variety of dim sum is good and you’ll bound to find something you like.

Starting the meal with our usual order of steamed items which consists of siew mai with fish roe, xiao long bao, prawn dumpling, feng wei xia and scallop dumpling. The prawn dumplings esp. the feng wei xia which is a must-order, are extremely fresh and crunchy. In fact, all dim sum in Yum Cha are superbly fresh and the meat is usually springy and just tastes so good. The xiao long bao is very juicy but the taste is pretty normal.
Steamed chicken claw and steamed pork ribs with yam. They are so yummy! The chicken feet are well marinated and braised. Very easy to eat as the skin comes off the bones very easily in the mouth. The yam is very tender and makes the pork ribs very fragrant. The meat are a bit fatty though.

Century egg porridge, deep fried beancurd skin roll with shrimp, chicken yam puff, deep fried shrimp dumpling and prawn & mango sesame fritter. If you need a little more carbo, ordering a bowl of porridge to share will be quite nice and not overly-filling. All 4 fried items are very tasty and again, they are of such good quality is because of the freshness of the ingredients. Crispy on the outside, hot and moist on the inside. It shows the chef has controlled a good timing of the cooking time. None is overly-fried. Perfect.
For desserts, it will have to be baked mini egg tarts (I probably ate half a dozen of this at one shot!), lemon grass jelly, mango pudding and almond paste. The egg tarts are simply addictive. The crust is light and fluffy and the egg custard is so delicious, soft and not too sweet. I rate them as the best egg tarts ever! The lemon grass jelly is extremely refreshing esp. after a heavy meal, this will be very good for digestion. The mango pudding with milk is so good. Full of mango flavour, very authentic. Almond paste is light, perfect for the old folks’ taste.

Yum Cha Restaurant
20 Trengganu Street (off Temple Street)
#02-01 Chinatown
Tel: 6372 1717
Opens: Mon to Fri 11.00am to 11.00pm, Sat, Sun & PH 9.00am to 11.00pm

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