Smoked Salmon Rice Paper Rolls with Hoisin Peanut Dipping Sauce

May 27, 2016 by Geri Tan


Found a brand new pack of rice paper wrappers in my pantry so decided to make Vietnamese spring rolls. I …
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Baked Ratatouille Recipe

May 26, 2016 by Geri Tan

Baked Ratatouille Recipe 2

Whenever I see the word ‘ratatouille’ (pronounced ‘ra-ta-too-ee’), I will be reminded of Pixar’s animated film of the same name. …
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Skillet Chicken with Tomatoes Recipe

May 25, 2016 by Geri Tan

One-pan Chicken with Tomatoes 1

This dish was inspired by the chicken cacciatore I had at Pete’s Place which was simply chicken breast meat cooked …
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Thai Seafood Noodle Soup Recipe

May 20, 2016 by Geri Tan

Thai Style Seafood Noodle Soup 1

Sawadee ka! Welcome to the Land of Smiles! 🙂 For some reason, I didn’t order my usual Tom Yum Soup …
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Nakhon Kitchen – A Cheap & Good Thai Restaurant

May 18, 2016 by Geri Tan

2016-03-17 17.54.00

I had only just hopped onto the Nakhon Kitchen bandwagon last year. Probably still a few years too late but …
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Cashew Chicken Recipe

May 17, 2016 by Geri Tan


I think the beauty of Chinese stir-fries lies in its versatility and quick preparation time. We can almost create any …
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Rochor Original Beancurd – Still the best in Singapore?

May 15, 2016 by Geri Tan

2016-04-02 13.49.19

I was in the Selegie area and happened to pass by this stretch of road so thought I would stop …
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Sambal Okra Recipe

May 14, 2016 by Geri Tan


Sambal okra is one of the very few okra dishes that I like because the okra doesn’t taste slimy in …
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Steamed Red Snapper Recipe

May 13, 2016 by Geri Tan


* This post is published in collaboration with Lee Kum Kee. This Sauce for Fried Cod Fillet from Lee Kum …
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Seafood Brown Rice Risotto Recipe

May 11, 2016 by Geri Tan


To make this recipe, you would need a flavoursome seafood stock. Luckily I had kept prawn heads/shells and fish heads/bones …
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Fruity Couscous Recipe

May 10, 2016 by Geri Tan


I really love a fruity couscous because it’s packed with so much vitamins and fibre (really a good way to …
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Red Bean Porridge Recipe

May 7, 2016 by Geri Tan


至亲爱的奶奶与外婆,祝你们母亲节快乐。 虽然你们已离开两个多月了,我还是好想念你们。 I remembered the day when a distant relative visited my grandmother at hospital with her homemade red bean …
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Tomato Sambal Conchiglie Recipe

May 5, 2016 by Geri Tan


I initially planned to cook a vegetable curry so I bought egg plant and long beans but in the end, …
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Lunch Buffet @ Hansang Korean Family Restaurant, Square 2

May 4, 2016 by Geri Tan

2016-03-27 11.43.22

Hubby and I came by Square 2 at Novena because I wanted to check out the pet shop there for …
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Cranberry Streusel Muffins Recipe

May 2, 2016 by Geri Tan


If you’ve bought a pack of fresh cranberries only to realise how awfully sour they are, don’t fret as they …
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