A Heart-Wrenching Love Story…

When I first heard “Kiss The Rain” by renowned South Korean pianist and composer, Yiruma, I thought it was a decently good piece but didn’t think much of it only until recently when I came across a wedding video of a Filipino couple that had been circulating online that I felt the tune could be that beautiful and sad at the same time.

Rowden and Leizel had planned to get married on 8 July 2014 on his 30th birthday. In a cruel twist of fate, Rowden was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer in late May. He married Leizel in the hospital and passed away less than 10 hours after saying his vows.

I was really moved by the video and when I saw Rowden’s big smile at the end, I felt happy for him too that he had his final wish fulfilled and that he was blessed with so much love from his family and friends.


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