A True Friend

I had received this poem contribution from an acquaintance who was a regular visitor of an old website of mine. That was like 8-9 years ago when I was self-learning HTML and trying to create a personal website for myself on Yahoo GeoCities.

Amit often shared stories on friendship and life and started penning two of his first ever poems which he had requested me to publish along with my collection, just to share with all my readers then. Unfortunately when GeoCities closed in 2009, my website was gone too.

I’m sure Amit would be happy to know that I had kept his two poems till today. Poems that celebrate true friendship that can be so precious and rare are definitely worth keeping alive.

A True Friend
by Amit

A friend is someone true and for real.
A friend is someone who means a great deal.
A friend won’t hurt you.
A friend won’t lie.
A friend will never permanently say good-bye.
A friend is there through the good times and bad.
A friend is there to cheer you up when you’re sad.
A friend is always there with a shoulder to cry on.
A friend is always there whom you can rely on.
So, friend if you ever need someone honest and true,
Just remember I’ll always be here for you.

This poem is the original work of the stated author and may not be reproduced, disseminated or published in any form or by any means.

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