After You Dessert Cafe @ Siam Square One

There’s always room for dessert at After You Dessert Cafe in Bangkok. ?

After an enjoyable meal of som tam and fried chicken at Som Tam Nua, we popped over to After You Dessert Cafe that was just a stone’s throw away.

I never fail to eat my favourite Thai street foods like moo ping, mango sticky rice and squid eggs whenever I’m in Bangkok. However, I do think a trip to Bangkok will never be complete without a visit to After You Dessert Cafe.

Seriously, I wasn’t a huge fan of Shibuya toast previously because most that I had tried before weren’t spectacular. After having the Shibuya toast at After You, it really changed my impression of it. And it has also become one of the most important reasons for coming to Bangkok because I can’t get their toast anywhere else.

After You Dessert Cafe @ Siam Square One

I was particularly drawn to this After You outlet at Siam Square One. Very modern-looking with a brick wall exterior which makes it a good spot for your #OOTD. And it looks just as good on the inside too.

After You Dessert Cafe @ Siam Square One

This cafe is forever busy. The moment you step in, you will have to get a queue number and wait.

After You Dessert Cafe @ Siam Square One

While waiting, you can take the opportunity to explore the cafe. There are edible stuffs and non-edible merchandise to see and buy at the main entrance door area. Or you may want to study the menu first so as to decide on what to order. I’m warning you – it’s tough to make a decision because everything looks and sounds inviting, lol.

After You Dessert Cafe @ Siam Square One

When you’re done, just place your order at the counter and make payment. Your food and drinks will be served to your table thereafter.

At the back of the cafe on the right hand side, you will see beverage dispensers. Help yourself to the complimentary iced tea.

After You Dessert Cafe Shibuya Honey Toast

The Shibuya Honey Toast (185 baht) looked ordinary or plain as compared to others with fanciful toppings and colours. However, in terms of taste and quality, I would say this Shibuya Honey Toast was totally exceptional.

After You Dessert Cafe Shibuya Honey Toast

Ultra delicious with a drizzle of syrup.

The bread had butter slathered on evenly all over (and between the gap lines) and was very nicely toasted. Outside was crispy and inside was moist, buttery and really fragrant. There was so much butter but it didn’t feel extremely cloying or oily.

I thought the bread itself tasted pretty good on its own even without ice cream or syrup. Well, I can never resist bread with butter anyway, haha.

The vanilla ice cream wasn’t overly rich or saccharine so when the syrup was poured over, there was a good balance of sweetness.

Worth every penny. Worth every calorie.

After You Dessert Cafe Iced Latte

J had an Iced Latte (115 baht) which was mediocre. We couldn’t taste much coffee flavour in it.

Go for the thick toasts. Skip the coffee. I think a Thai Iced Tea will be more satisfying.

After You Dessert Cafe Locations

The original After You Dessert Cafe is located on Thonglor 13. It has branches in various locations so it’s very unlikely not to come across one.

If you haven’t been to After You, make sure it’s in your food-venture list for your next trip to Bangkok. ?

After You Dessert Cafe
After You Dessert Cafe
Siam Square One
991 Rama 1 Road
Khet Pathumwan
Bangkok 10330
12.00pm to 12.00am daily

+66 2 115 1949



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