Ali Nasi Lemak – The Best Nasi Lemak in Penang

Headed back to George Town for more makan action right after our tour of Kek Lok Si Temple.

Since coming to Penang, I found a new love i.e. nasi lemak. Especially those ordinary looking ones wrapped in banana leaves that come with to-die-for sambal chilli. My goodness, why is nasi lemak in Penang so shiok and delicious? I ate nasi lemak every morning for breakfast as the hotel I stayed in provided a really good one. Despite that, I still kept craving for nasi lemak, lol.

Sri Weld Food Court in Penang

And that was why we came by Sri Weld Food Court on Lebuh Pantai (Beach Street) as they have a stall that possibly serves up the BEST nasi lemak in town. As recommended by the locals.

Ali Nasi Lemak - The Best Nasi Lemak in Penang

Ali Nasi Lemak

This stall was located at the front of the food court. As we were here just when they were about to close for the day, there were only a few packs of nasi lemak left.

Ali Nasi Lemak - The Best Nasi Lemak in Penang

Each pack of nasi lemak was priced at RM2. Neatly wrapped in banana leaf and then labelled according to its main topping. Super cheap but also note that the portion size wasn’t big – probably just about the size of my fist.

Ali Nasi Lemak - The Best Nasi Lemak in Penang

Sotong (Squid)

Rice was cooked to perfection and was really fragrant. When paired with that sambal chilli that was packed with so much punch, this was simply a nasi lemak to die for. The chilli was spicy unlike Singapore’s version that is more sweet. So LEMAK. So ADDICTIVE.

Interestingly, the sotong wasn’t made with fresh squid or cured cuttlefish but more like those dried squid snack. I liked it though!

Ali Nasi Lemak - The Best Nasi Lemak in Penang

Ikan Bilis Telur

This one came with fried anchovies and hard boiled egg. It was as tasty as the sotong one!

Now this is really what I call a real good nasi lemak! No frills yet so delicious and moreish. Just need the rice and sambal chilli. Will surely taste as good with or without toppings or regardless of what the toppings are!

Ali Nasi Lemak, can you please come to Singapore? I miss you LOTS.

Ali Nasi Lemak @ Sri Weld Food Court
Sri Weld Food Court
Lebuh Pantai
10300 George Town, Penang
7.30am to 2.00pm Mon-Sat
Closed on Sundays

+60 16-407 0717

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