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Asanoya Bakery Singapore

Asanoya Bakery on Queen Street is now one of my weekend offices. That’s the advantage of working on-the-go with just a laptop so I can virtually make anywhere my workspace so long it’s conducive enough. 😄 And this spacious bakery cafe exactly fits the bill.

Asanoya Bakery Singapore

Asanoya Boulangerie is a Japanese bakery that specialises in Japanese & European gourmet breads and pastries. Its flagship store in Singapore is located at Wilby Central, which is just a few minutes walk from Bras Basah MRT Station (Circle Line).

Its two other outlets are located at 913 Bukit Timah Road (next to Tan Chong Motor) and Paragon #B1.

Asanoya Bakery Singapore

I’m a bread person and nothing else excites me as much as seeing a huge array of freshly baked breads and pastries like this. Very spoilt for choice but like I always say, it’s a happy problem, haha.

Asanoya Bakery Singapore

One thing that I like about this bakery cafe is that it’s really spacious and bright. I was here on a Saturday afternoon (after lunch time) and it wasn’t really that crowded with people. With the high ceiling and full length windows that allow plenty of daylight in, it just makes this cafe a really nice place to work in.

The long bar table by the window is suitable for solo patrons or for those who want to watch the world go by. There are power points too so bring along your adapters for charging.

Asanoya Bakery Singapore

All breads have to be ordered over the counter. You can request for your breads to be warmed up if you’re dining in.

Asanoya Bakery Singapore

Beverage menu, if you want a drink too.

Asanoya Bakery Singapore

We had the Asanoya Ice Lemon Tea ($4.20) and Asanoya Ice Mint Tea ($4.20). Both were cold and refreshing enough to quench our thirst on a hot and humid afternoon. These teas came unsweetened (syrup was available) which is perfect especially if you intend to get sweet breads.

Asanoya Bakery Singapore

Couldn’t resist ordering the Salted Egg Croissant ($4.50). The pastry crust was just so flaky and buttery.

Asanoya Bakery Singapore

And the generous filling was like a mousse-like cream. On the sweeter side but the salted egg yolk flavour still stood out nicely. Highly recommended!

Asanoya Bakery Singapore

Got this Ham & Cheese Donut ($2.80) as it was fried, haha. Sinful but looked so shiok. The filling was actually made with ham and cream cheese, not sliced processed cheese. Overall, it wasn’t too bad. I did like the slightly chewy texture of the bread.

Asanoya Bakery Singapore

“OMG, that’s soooo cute!” I was squealing with delight like a little girl when I set eyes on this, haha.

Had to order this Matcha Turtle Bread ($3.50) because it was just too cute to miss. Really couldn’t bear to eat it at first. The body of the turtle was like a polo bun (菠蘿包) but in matcha flavour. Thought there would be some sort of filling but there wasn’t. It was a bit dry and was quite sweet too. Pity, it didn’t taste as good as it looked.

Asanoya Bakery Singapore

This French Potato ($3.20) was my favourite among all.

Asanoya Bakery Singapore

When I cut into the bread, I was pleasantly surprised to see a whole boiled potato inside. The cream on top was just mayonnaise. The potato was so soft and fluffy and the bread was baguette-like and a little chewy which I thoroughly enjoyed. The whole combination was just delicious. If you love potatoes and bread, you’ll sure to like this creation.

I must say the breads and pastries here are not cheap compared to other bakeries’. However, one plus point about this place is really its peaceful environment that is very suitable for working. Asanoya Bakery is still worth visiting every now and then especially if you’re getting sick and bored of the regular breads that you’ve been getting from those local bakery chains. Go for the Salted Egg Croissant and French Potato.

All prices indicated are inclusive of GST. There is no service charge for dining in.

Asanoya Boulangerie
Asanoya Boulangerie
15 Queen Street
#01-03 Wilby Central
Singapore 188537
8.00am to 8.00pm daily

+65 6703 8703

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