Astons Express – Quality Food, Heartland Price

This is part II to my earlier Astons Express post. Again, this has risen to the rank of my ‘should regularly visit eateries’ in Singapore. Why is this so? For its food quality (and quantity) and of course, for its affordable prices. That explains its popularity esp. among the students.
Mushroom Soup ($3.00)
This is a tad too starchy to my liking. In fact, it doesn’t have much of a mushroomy taste which is rather disappointing. But at $3.00 only, it is cheap enough to make us happy with a warm tummy as we await the main courses to be cooked and served. The soup comes with 2 small slices of garlic bread that doesn’t really tasted garlicky. Anyway, if you’re fussy about your soup, then forget about this.
Double Up Chicken ($10.90)

Double Up Chicken just means having two types of chicken on the same plate and here we have the Chargrill Chicken and the Lemon Lime Chicken completed with 2 sides (of your choice) of coleslaw and potato salad. Both the sides are probably the best I’ve had so far. The sauces mix for both are really tasty with a bit of sweet and sour in it. I love the crunch of the fresh cabbage. The potatoes are also well boiled to perfection and well mixed with the sauce. So good that we just have to finish every bit of it.

The chicken thighs are thick and juicy with a subtle smokiness taste on the outside. I love how the chicken pieces look with the bbq lines on the surface that I know they have been grilling over the fire for a while. The Chargrill Chicken has a starchy mushroom sauce on it whereas the Lemon Lime Chicken has this tangy lemony sauce. I like the latter more. Such fulfilling portion. This is indeed a BIG meal on its own.

Prime Ribeye ($13.90)

The husband says NICE! When I just asked him for his comments. The slab of beef is thick and juicy and is perfectly medium done just how my husband loves it. Really exceeds our expectations as we thought we would be only getting a small thin piece of beef for the price we paid. The fusilli pasta is a bit tasteless though and the mashed potato is pretty standard as well. But we will be back again for the steak and the potato salad of course!

Astons Express
Blk 721 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8 #01-2823
Fu Chan Coffeshop Stall 7
Tel: 6455 5626
Opens: 11.00am to 10.00pm daily


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