The new Heaven and Earth Ayataka Green Tea

Heaven and Earth’s Ayataka Japanese Green Tea is my latest fad since it was launched in August. I’ve always been a big fan of Heaven and Earth’s Jasmine Green Tea but am always concerned of the sugar content when I drink too much of it. Now with the new Ayataka green tea that is sugar-free (and calorie-free), I can certainly load up on this anti-oxidant drink to my heart’s content.

Ayataka Green Tea

Ayataka is just like freshly brewed green tea in a can. The intense flavour of the tea leaves will sure linger in your mouth because it is indeed a solid brew which is perfect for me as I like my green tea strong.

If you would like to order the Ayataka when eating out at a coffee shop but find it too much of a mouthful to pronounce ‘Ayataka’ to those Mandarin-speaking aunties behind the drink stalls, just tell them you’d like a ‘green tea kosong’ (kosong = no sugar). It works for me every time, no matter which coffee shop I go to.

I rate the Ayataka a 8/10 for its health benefits and real tea goodness.

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