Ban Chuan Braised Duck Rice 萬全卤鸭饭

No, I’m not recommending its duck rice even though the subject title says so. I’ve eaten the duck rice many times before which is good but what I would really like to recommend this time is their kway chap, which is something that I’ve eaten since I was a little kid and still never tired of it.
A simple bowl of flat rice noodles in soya sauce based broth. Super appealing because they were so smooth but not soggy. The floating pieces of sinful pork lard gave the broth its fragrance. I couldn’t help but ate my kway chap with spoonfuls of soup. I probably almost finished the entire bowl – kway (noodles) + chap (broth). Anyway, eating all the internal pig organs is already a ‘sin’ so why worry over a few extra pieces of lard? 🙂 You don’t know what you’re missing if you’re raising your eyebrow now!
A mix of two braised eggs, one duck drumstick chopped, large & small intestines, rectum (aka da chang tou), duck gizzards and braised pork belly meat for 2 persons. With two bowls of kwap chap, the meal cost us $15.60. The da chang tou would be my must-order. I loved its chewy texture but it wasn’t hard at all. In fact, all the ingredients were freshly prepared and the soya sauce stew was smooth and not overly starchy or salty. The intestines were all well cleaned, no residue of any sort. No pork stench or anything too so I must say this would be one of my favourite kway chap stalls.

Ban Chuan Braised Duck Rice
Blk 724 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6
Tel: 9853 1976 (Mr Ang)
Opens: 11.00am to 9.00pm daily


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