Best Desserts in Singapore You Must Try

Singapore, a city that tantalises your taste buds at every corner. While its vibrant food scene is well-known, the desserts in this culinary wonderland are equally, if not more, enticing. Get ready to embark on a sweet adventure as we explore the best desserts in Singapore that you absolutely must try.

Best Desserts in Singapore You Must Try

Best Desserts in Singapore You Must Try

1. Chendol

Let’s kick things off with a true local classic, the legendary Chendol. You’ll find this sweet and icy treat at many local food centres. As you dig into a bowl of Chendol, you’ll encounter a delightful mix of pandan-flavored green jelly, sweet red beans, and fragrant coconut milk. It’s the perfect dessert to cool down in Singapore’s tropical heat. The Chendol is a sweet symphony that’s pure comfort in a bowl.

Where to get: dessert stalls at most hawker centres and food courts

2. Ice Kachang

An iconic Singaporean dessert that’s as visually stunning as it is delicious. Ice Kachang is a towering mound of shaved ice, drenched in a kaleidoscope of coloured syrups, and adorned with red beans, sweet corn, and jelly. It’s a dessert that’s as Instagram-worthy as it is delicious. The ice melts in your mouth, and each spoonful is a burst of flavours and textures.

Where to get: dessert stalls at most hawker centres and food courts

3. Tau Huay

For those who appreciate simplicity and subtlety in their desserts, Tau Huay is the perfect choice. This silky, smooth beancurd is a delicate delight, often crowned with a drizzle of syrup. The Tau Huay is like a sweet, delicate cloud that melts in your mouth, offering a moment of pure serenity.

Recommended spots: Selegie Soyabean, Rochor Beancurd House

4. Pandan Chiffon Cake

Delve into the world of cakes with the fragrant Pandan Chiffon Cake. Pandan, a fragrant leaf with a distinctive aroma, infuses this cake with a delightful fragrance. The cake is light and fluffy, with a subtle sweetness that pairs wonderfully with a cup of tea. It’s a delicate, elegant dessert that celebrates a quintessential Singaporean flavour.

Recommended spots: PrimaDeli, Bengawan Solo, Pure Pandan

Best Desserts in Singapore You Must Try

5. Tau Suan

This comforting Chinese dessert is like a warm hug for your taste buds. Tau Suan features a rich mung bean soup that’s perfectly sweet and smooth. The real twist in this dish comes from the chewy dough fritters that accompany it. These fritters add a delightful contrast in texture, making each spoonful a harmonious blend of sweet and chewy.

Recommended spots: Tiong Bahru Tau Suan (Tiong Bahru Market), Zheng Xing Desserts

6. Hot Chinese Traditional Desserts

Delve into the heart of Chinese dessert culture with classics like Black Sesame Paste and Almond Paste. Black Sesame Paste is known for its deep, nutty flavour and smooth, velvety texture. It’s a dessert that’s both comforting and decadent. Almond Paste, on the other hand, offers a delightful blend of nuttiness and sweetness. Both of these desserts are time-honoured Chinese treats that celebrate the richness of tradition and flavour.

Recommended spots: Mei Heong Yuen, Yat Ka Yan, Tong Shui Desserts

7. Mango Pomelo Sago

If you’re looking for a refreshing and sweet escape, Mango Pomelo Sago is the perfect choice. This Hong Kong-style dessert combines the sweetness of ripe mango with the citrusy zing of pomelo and the delightful texture of sago pearls. It’s a dessert that’s like a burst of sunshine in your mouth. Each spoonful offers a combination of flavours and textures that’s both indulgent and revitalising.

Recommended spots: Ah Chew Desserts, Jin Yu Man Tang, Ji De Chi

Best Desserts in Singapore You Must Try

8. Waffle with Ice Cream

Waffles paired with premium ice cream create a dessert that’s a symphony of temperatures and textures. The crisp, warm waffle complements the cold, creamy ice cream in a perfect duet. It’s a beloved treat that offers the best of both worlds – the comforting warmth of a freshly baked waffle and the cool, sweet satisfaction of ice cream. This combination is a delightful harmony that never goes out of style.

Recommended spots: Creamier, Sunday Folks, Twenty Grammes

9. Pulut Hitam

Step into the world of traditional Malay desserts with Pulut Hitam. This delightful treat is made from black glutinous rice cooked to a creamy consistency. It’s often served with a drizzle of fragrant and slightly sweet coconut cream. The contrast of the earthy, nutty rice with the creamy coconut creates a dessert that’s both hearty and soothing.

Where to get: dessert stalls at most hawker centres and food courts

10. Cheng Tng

Cheng Tng is a delightful sweet soup that’s quintessentially Singaporean. It’s a medley of ingredients like barley, gingko nuts, white fungus, and other treasures simmered to perfection in a clear, sweet broth. The result is a dessert that’s as delightful as it is colourful. Cheng Tng offers a mix of textures and flavours, making each spoonful a journey through the rich culinary tapestry of Singapore.

Where to get: Four Seasons Ching Teng, dessert stalls at most hawker centres and food courts

11. Bubur Cha Cha

This colourful and sweet dessert features a delightful mix of ingredients like sweet potatoes, yam, and chewy tapioca cubes in a sweet coconut milk broth. The result is a dessert that’s not only visually appealing but also a joyful blend of flavours and textures. Bubur Cha Cha is like a sweet, tropical carnival in a bowl.

Where to get: dessert stalls at most hawker centres and food courts

12. Ice Cream Sandwiches

Take a trip down memory lane with the beloved Ice Cream Sandwiches from the iconic Ice Cream Uncles of Singapore. These old-school treats consist of ice cream sandwiched between colourful, soft bread. It’s a classic street dessert that’s not only delicious but also a nostalgic reminder of simpler times.

Recommended spots: Multiple locations such as Orchard Road (outside Ngee Ann City/Takashimaya), Helix Bridge, Sim Lim Square, Ang Mo Kio Central

13. Tang Yuan or Glutinous Rice Balls

Tang Yuan, with its sweet fillings nestled within round, chewy rice balls, holds a special place in the hearts of Singaporeans. Often served in a warm ginger syrup, this dessert symbolises unity and togetherness, making it a treasured choice for family gatherings. As you take each delicious bite, you not only enjoy the delightful contrast of textures and flavours but also participate in a tradition that celebrates the bonds of family and friends.

Recommended spots: 75 Ah Balling Peanut Soup, Tong Shui Desserts, Gong He Guan

14. Nyonya Kueh

Nyonya Kueh are a vibrant and sweet expression of the local culture. These colourful cakes are a reflection of the rich culinary heritage of the Peranakan community in Singapore. They come in a variety of shapes, colours, and flavours. Each bite of Nyonya Kueh is like tasting a piece of art that’s both visually and gustatorily stunning. It’s a dessert that truly showcases the diversity and creativity of Singapore’s food scene.

Recommended spots: Lek Lim, Kim Choo Kueh Chang, Bengawan Solo

15. Mochi Desserts

Soft and chewy, mochi desserts are a delightful Asian delicacy. These sweet treats are made from glutinous rice and often filled with various flavours, such as red bean, matcha, or fruit. The texture of mochi is unlike any other, offering a satisfying chewiness that’s both fun and delicious. Whether you enjoy them as small bites or as part of a larger dessert, mochi treats are a joy to experience.

Recommended spots: Kane Mochi, Dochi Dochi, Don Don Donki

16. Kueh Tutu or Putu Piring

Dive into the world of traditional kueh with Kueh Tutu or Putu Piring. These steamed rice cakes are filled with sweet, grated coconut and gula melaka, a rich palm sugar. The result is a dessert that’s both soft and aromatic, with the sweetness of the coconut and palm sugar creating a perfect balance of flavours.

Recommended spots: Haig Road Putu Piring, Queensway Lau Tan Tutu Kueh, Mr Ho’s Tutu Kueh (27 Bendemeer Road)

Best Desserts in Singapore You Must Try

17. Durian Desserts

For the durian lovers, Singapore offers a range of durian-based sweets, from puffs to pancakes. Durian, known as the “king of fruits,” has a unique and divisive flavor. Some adore its custardy richness, while others find its aroma strong. Durian desserts are a testament to the adventurous spirit of food lovers. Whether you’re trying a durian pancake or a durian puff, each bite is a bold and memorable experience.

Recommended spots: 99 Old Trees Durian, Four Seasons Durians, Ms Durian

18. Orh Nee

Orh Nee, also known as Yam Paste, is a classic Teochew dessert made from steamed yam. This creamy, velvety dessert is served with ginkgo nuts and topped with a drizzle of coconut cream. The result is a dessert that’s both comforting and subtly sweet. Orh Nee is like a warm, creamy hug for your taste buds, making it a beloved treat for those who appreciate the simple joys of life.

Recommended spots: Orhhsome, Ah Chew Desserts, Yat Ka Yan

19. Matcha Desserts

Matcha, a finely ground green tea powder, has become a beloved flavour in Singapore’s dessert scene. You can explore the world of matcha with a variety of treats, from matcha-flavored ice cream to matcha-infused cakes and pastries. The vibrant green colour and earthy, slightly bitter taste of matcha create a delightful contrast that’s both visually appealing and delicious.

Recommended spots: Matchaya, Maccha House, 108 Matcha Saro

20. Taro Balls

Soft and chewy, taro balls are a Taiwanese dessert delight. These small balls are made from taro, a starchy root vegetable, and often served in a sweet soup or paired with other toppings like beancurd pudding and grass jelly. The texture is both satisfying and fun to eat, and the flavours are a blend of sweet and earthy that’s simply delightful.

Recommended spots: Nine Fresh, Beans Factory, Blackball

21. Soft Serve

The simple pleasure of soft-serve ice cream is a universal favourite. Singapore offers a range of soft-serve ice cream options in various flavours, from classic vanilla to creative, ever-evolving twists. What makes soft-serve so enjoyable is its smooth, creamy texture and the option to customise with fun toppings. Whether you enjoy it in a cone or a cup, soft-serve ice cream is a timeless and joyful dessert.

Recommended spots: Sunday Folks, MIXUE, Tsujiri

22. Indian Sweets

The world of Indian sweets is a treasure trove of flavours and textures. From the intricate delights of jalebi to the syrupy, golden orbs of gulab jamun, these sweets are a burst of sweetness and indulgence. Each bite is a celebration of the rich culinary traditions of India, offering a delightful journey through a world of sweet delights.

Recommended spots: Moghul Sweet Shop, Komala Vilas Sweets And Savouries (4 Upper Dickson Road), Mithai Mandir (Little India Arcade)

23. Korean Bingsu

Korean Bingsu is a delightful dessert that has taken Singapore by storm. This shaved ice dessert is often topped with a variety of ingredients, from fresh fruits to sweet syrups and condensed milk. The result is a dessert that’s not only visually stunning but also a perfect balance of flavours and textures. It’s a dessert that invites you to explore a world of delightful toppings, and each spoonful is a taste of sweet, icy heaven.

Recommended spots: Cafe de Muse, Gangnam Cafe, Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe

24. Thai Red Ruby

A refreshing Thai dessert, Red Ruby, is a delightful treat made from translucent red rubies created from water chestnuts. These ruby-like gems are served in sweet coconut milk, adding a refreshing and creamy contrast to the slightly chewy texture of the red rubies. Thai Red Ruby is like a sweet and cool oasis in the midst of Singapore’s warm climate, offering a delightful and satisfying dessert experience.

Recommended spots: Diandin Leluk, Khao Hom by Rung Mama, Soi 47 Thai Food

25. Middle Eastern Desserts

The Middle Eastern dessert scene in Singapore offers a rich array of sweet delicacies, from baklava, with its layers of flaky pastry and honeyed nuts, to kunafa, a sweet pastry soaked in syrup. These desserts bring a taste of the Middle East to Singapore and offer a delightful blend of flavours and textures. Exploring these sweets is like taking a culinary journey through the rich traditions of the Middle East.

Recommended spots: Shalaby Sweets Turkish & Arabic Delights, Habibi Sweet & Savoury, Ottoman Turkish Delights

Best Desserts in Singapore You Must Try

26. Acai Bowls

For those who are health-conscious and looking for a refreshing treat, acai bowls are the perfect choice. These bowls feature acai, a superfood with a vibrant purple hue, blended into a smoothie-like base. The bowl is then topped with a variety of fresh fruits, granola, and other toppings. It’s a dessert that’s as delicious as it is nutritious, offering a delightful combination of flavours and textures that’s both satisfying and guilt-free.

Recommended spots: An Acai Affair, Project Acai, Coocaça


There you have it, the best desserts in Singapore that you absolutely must try. Each of these sweet treats is a testament to the diversity and creativity of Singapore’s dessert culture. So, get out there, explore the streets, and indulge in these delightful creations. Let your taste buds be your guide as you embark on a delectable journey through the best desserts in Singapore. Share your sweet discoveries with us, and let’s celebrate the joy of dessert together!

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