Brauhaus Restaurant & Pub

I had overheard my colleague complimenting the Pork Knuckle Bee Hoon @ Brauhaus, United Square some time back but I never did try until I had a sudden craving for German food one evening after work. My usual dinner khaki then suggested the Brauhaus which was just next door to our office building.
It isn’t exactly a German restaurant but it has the most comprehensive list of beers I’ve ever seen, with more than 150 brands of beers from all over the world. The pub boasts an old rustic charm from its wooden ceilings and German decor and furnishings that could jolly well transport you to a typical pub in Munich.
A ‘U’ shaped seating corner right inside the pub caught our eye but the service staff refused to let us have the table as there were only 2 of us so we were seated at this 4-seater table instead. The interesting thing was, just barely minutes after we had sat down, a group of 3 fellows came in and were ushered to that same table we were earlier aiming for. We were quite ‘shocked’ that 3 (and not 2) were allowed to occupy a table that was meant for probably 6 people or more. What double standards.
Brauhaus Restaurant & Pub
Floris Passion
My first fruit beer attempt. And I fell head over heels in love with this. A Belgian white beer with the aroma of passion fruit that gives it a refreshing sweet and sour taste which I really like. It also goes so well with the heavy menu coming our way.
Brauhaus Restaurant & Pub
Top Shell
A wrong selection of appetizer. The top shell was very fishy in smell and taste and the ‘chinchalok’ wasn’t enough to cover that stench. I had to slurp it down with beer. Also, I thought top shell was probably beige or cream in colour?
Brauhaus Restaurant & Pub
German Pork Knuckle
The Star of the night. The boss didn’t think we (2 ladies) would be able to finish this and had suggested that we order half a pork knuckle, rather than a whole. This was a small size knuckle but good enough for 2-3 pax. The crackling was so crispy and the meat inside was juicy and tender. In fact, it was dripping with meat juices which in turn gave the sauerkraut and boiled potato much flavour. Absolutely delicious! Best part was, we proved the boss wrong. We finished the entire plate and even slurped up the juices!
Brauhaus Restaurant & Pub
Bratwurst Sausages
I didn’t expect bratwurst to be this light in colour. I would have preferred a much coarser texture but unfortunately these tasted like smooth ‘fish cakes’ and didn’t have any meat bits in them. Disappointing. But the side dish of potato salad was quite good though.
Brauhaus Restaurant & Pub
101 Thomson Road
#B1-13/14 United Square
Tel: 6250 3116
Opens: Mon-Thu 11.00am to 2.00am, Fri-Sat & Eve of PH 11.00am to 3.00am, Sun 5.00pm to 1.00am


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