Cafe hopping @ Everton Park : Batterworks – Best Lamb Stew Pot Pie

After having a hearty breakfast at Happy 3 Bites Cafe, my ‘PIC’ and I hopped over to Batterworks where we spent the longest time in out of the three cafes we visited at Everton Park.

2014-07-12 13.45.57 (800x493) This cafe was such a sweet find. Clearly a hidden gem in this quiet neighbourhood. I loved its cosy ambience, just simple and unpretentious.

2014-07-12 12.57.11 (800x450)

We walked in with no expectations but were welcomed by a sight of decadent sweet treats and a whiff of fresh bakes in the air. Everything looked so yummy. We were just spoilt for choices.

2014-07-12 13.43.36 (800x450) M&M’s cookies! I shall try this the next time I’m back!

Batterworks Menu

Here’s their menu (click the above image to enlarge) extracted from their website. Not an extensive one but good enough for some light bites.

2014-07-12 13.01.57 (478x800)

We opted for a corner table right inside the cafe which was really private since it wasn’t crowded and the environment was just so conducive for our brainstorming session. Like what the gentleman in the picture was doing, I’d definitely bring along my macbook or ipad the next time I come here. Perfect place to idle the afternoon away.

And best of all, we could also peep into the kitchen from where we were seated every now and then. Saw this middle aged lady getting busy with her bakes inside. Just felt like we were in some friend’s house and our friend’s mother was preparing home bakes for us to try.

2014-07-12 13.00.07 (540x800)

You can come here to enjoy their tiered set of assorted goodies for a relaxing afternoon tea too. Husband, we have to come here for tea next time!

Bacon Mushroom Quiche ($5 for Large)

Bacon Mushroom Quiche ($5 for Large)

When I saw quiche on their menu, I just had to order it. And I was asked by the counter staff if I wanted the large or the small one. He even brought out the crust from the kitchen to show us so we’d know how big the large size one was as compared to the smaller one since their quiches were not ready-made and displayed out. Since it was for sharing, we opted for the large size at double the price for small. No regrets in ordering this quiche.

I’m very fussy about quiches after having what I call the best quiche ever at Stratford-upon-Avon in England. Batterworks’ quiche was almost on par in terms of taste and texture and I must say it had got to be one of the best quiches I had in Singapore to date.

The quiche was baked to order hence it took a while but it was well worth the wait. Served piping hot and fresh to our table, it had a buttery crust that was thick but not heavy and it didn’t feel greasy to the touch too. It just tasted like a fresh-from-the-oven butter cookie/biscuit.

2014-07-12 13.18.45 (800x450)

Just look at how runny the custard was. The filling was delicate and moist, rich and flavoursome with bits of bacon and mushroom in it. Baked to a lovely golden brown on top, this was absolutely delicious! We shouldn’t have shared one. We should have just gotten one each!

Lamb Stew Pot Pie ($6.50)

Lamb Stew Pot Pie ($6.50)

Next to come was the Lamb Stew Pot Pie which really blew us away. The pastry crust on top was crispy and flaky with a nice buttery flavour without being too oily or heavy.

2014-07-12 13.17.23 (800x450)

Digging into the lamb stew beneath was an indescribable ‘dynamite’ moment that really stunned us for a few seconds. I had never tasted such flavoursome lamb stew before with meat that tender, it almost melted in the mouth. There wasn’t any gamey smell too. And the portion was really generous and hearty with diced carrots and potatoes in it that were equally soft and melting. $6.50 for this was just value for money! Breaking the pastry into the stew just so it could absorb some of those gravy juices was just unbelievable. I totally digged this!

Chocolate Tart ($6)

Chocolate Tart ($6)

We saw this really huge (bigger than my palm!) chocolate tart in the chiller and it was beckoning us to try it. Again, this tart brought us to another level of euphoria after two very satisfying savouries before this.

2014-07-12 13.36.45 (489x800)

Beautifully crumbly tart with a bottom layer of sweet caramel and a top layer of less sweet dark chocolate ganache. With such combination, every layer worked with one another to balance up that sweetness so it didn’t leave any cloying feeling even after I devoured half of this big tart. I could probably even finish the whole tart myself!

What an enjoyable meal indeed. I just had to walk to the counter to give my thumbs up to the young lady there who also told us that they only make limited amount (2 pieces) of the chocolate tart (big size) per day but the bite-sized equivalents are available the whole time so we were definitely lucky to have come at the right time.

Needless to say, I’m already planning to head down again to have my dose of quiche, stew and chocolate tart. And I’m so going to have one each to myself! No sharing for sure :p I think I’ve found my favourite cafe in Singapore 🙂

Blk 4 Everton Park, #01-42
Tel: 6438 2208
Website: http://www.batter-works.com
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BatterworksSG
Opening hours:
10.30am to 7.00pm (Mon-Fri)
9.00am to 6.00pm (Sat)
11.00am to 6.00pm (Sun)
Closed on Tue

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