[Closed] Cafe hopping @ Everton Park : Happy 3 Bites Cafe

Update: This cafe is now closed.

My ‘partner-in-crime’ and I dedicated a Saturday as our brainstorming day to talk about our business plans and it couldn’t have been a better time to pick a quaint and quiet area to discuss things in peace while enjoying a good cuppa with assorted bites on a lazy afternoon. And so we were here at Everton Park, one of Singapore’s trending hipster enclaves, to do what many people had already been doing – yes, CAFE HOPPING.

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We arrived in the late morning just past 11am but the neighbourhood was just absolutely serene with hardly anyone around.

Our first stop? Happy 3 Bites Cafe, a NEA approved pets cafe which was featured on Channel U’s Style Check-In [潮人攻略] some time ago.

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Of course, it was very much different from what we saw on TV. There wasn’t much of a vibrant atmosphere bustling with a throng of people. Only 2 tables were occupied when we walked in.

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I liked the homely vibes of the cafe, just like walking into a friend’s house. If I had a pet, I wouldn’t mind bringing it here to meet with other furry friends.

The chef at work

The chef at work

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Food wise, the menu was pretty straightforward. I had heard decent reviews about its Fish ‘N’ Chips so we ordered that as well as their All Day Big Breakfast. Moments later, we were informed that the fish and chips was SOLD OUT, so was their egg benedict. A little disappointed definitely. In fact, we were surprised that 2 out of 7 main courses could be sold out that early in the day when they barely opened for long in the morning. We decided to just share one main course and look for other options later since we weren’t too keen on the rest of the items.

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Thought I’d check out their cake selections too. Perhaps their cakes were selling too well so they couldn’t be replenished in time but these didn’t quite whet our appetites so we gave desserts a miss.

All Day Big Breakfast $14.90

All Day Big Breakfast $14.90

A sumptuous spread of garlic toasts, sausages, sauteed mushrooms, scrambled eggs, hash brown and garden salad. It was a blessing in disguise that the fish and chips was not available because this portion was big enough to share between the two of us anyway. The garlic toasts weren’t the conventional types where you just pop them in the oven to crisp them up or simply put into the toaster. These toasts were like the fried bread in English fry-ups, exactly like how my husband would make at home. The aroma of garlic wasn’t exactly strong enough and the bread wasn’t crispy either but I liked that ‘wok hei’ flavour. Anyway, I love fried bread so this was my type of breakfast bread.

The other items on the plate looked nondescript but I felt most of the times, the preparation of the simplest food would always be the most difficult to grasp. And here, everything else was nicely executed. I loved the hint of herbs in the scrambled eggs that was just a little bit overdone but it was already perfectly seasoned so it didn’t require more salt or pepper to boost its taste. The mushrooms were beautifully sauteed too and were moist and juicy. The sausages (chipolata, if I wasn’t wrong) were normal. Well, they wouldn’t go wrong, would they? Most of the times, the hash brown from many other dining establishments would be oozing oil and grease with every bite but the one here was not only crispy and crunchy, it didn’t ooze oil from inside at all. I thought it tasted better than the one from Mac N Dees, lol. The salad greens were fresh and crispy and I liked the light and refreshing vinaigrette dressing too. Overall, there wasn’t anything on this plate that I didn’t enjoy.

The service staff was also warm and friendly. She gave us 2 sets of cutlery and an additional small plate without us asking for it.

Maybe we were here at a wrong time so we didn’t feel compelled to stay longer to enjoy a cuppa or two. But I wouldn’t mind coming back again next time to try out the other food on the menu.

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Happy 3 Bites Cafe
Blk 6 Everton Park, #01-18
Tel: 9834 8776
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Happy3BitesCafe
Opening hours:
10.00am to 9.00pm (Tue-Sun)
Closed on Mon

PS: Want to know where we headed to after this? Stay tuned to my next Cafe hopping @ Everton Park post!

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