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Happy Deepavali to my Hindu friends and readers!

May this Diwali bring you lots of joy,
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Many roti prata lovers in SG should be quite familiar with Casuarina Curry @ Casuarina Road (off Upper Thomson). It’s a restaurant that I’ve been patronising for more than 2 decades (oh gosh, did time really pass that fast?) because it’s near me and I’ve always loved their murtabak. ?

I had been trying to stay in last couple of weekends as I wanted to clear work before going on vacay in November. Thank God for food delivery services that have become my best buddies.

I happened to come across Casuarina Curry on foodpanda and thought I would give it a try. First time ordering Indian food for home delivery, haha.

Casuarina Curry

Here was our feast for 2 persons. Definitely over-ordered but we kept the leftovers for lunch the next day so not a big deal, lol.

Food packaging was exactly the same as what we would get if we did takeaways – in brown papers, styrofoam boxes and plastic bags. Delivery was on time as always and our food was received in good order (fresh and warm), nothing short.

Casuarina Curry Plain Prata

The Plain Prata (S$1) didn’t have that crisp on the outside which we kinda expected. Nonetheless, the prata was thoroughly cooked and didn’t taste doughy or anything like that. Texture wise, there was still a springy bite when bitten into. We had to throw away the accompanying curry gravy though as it had gone bad (probably left out too long from morning).

Casuarina Curry Chicken Cheese Murtabak

The Chicken Cheese Murtabak (S$8 for S, S$9 for M, S$11 for L) was my favourite dish among all. Great combination of flavours that was well balanced without the cheese being too overpowering. Portion size was quite big for M. The generous amount of filling was evenly spread out so we could get a bit of everything with every mouthful. Good!

Casuarina Curry Mee Goreng

Another one of my favourite simple comfort foods was this Mee Goreng (S$3.50). It wasn’t like out of this world but its standard had always been consistent as the noodles were perfectly cooked, flavours and spice were well balanced and overall, it wasn’t overly oily.

Casuarina Curry Chicken Biryani

I had never been a big fan of their biryani but since the husband had to have his rice dish so I ordered this Chicken Biryani (S$6) for him. The rice wasn’t aromatic enough but the chicken curry was so good – very flavoursome.

Casuarina Curry Mutton Cubes

We added on a small portion of Mutton Cubes (S$4.50) that were very tender but for the first time, I thought they smelled a little gamey this time. Curry gravy was thick, creamy and rich.

Overall, the meal wasn’t too bad though I think it’s still best to have roti prata in the restaurant rather than having takeaways because they would end up getting a little soggy after being wrapped up. But if you’re craving for decent Indian food but don’t wish to step out of the house, this is definitely a good option.

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