How to get to KSL City by bus? – Johor Bahru Shuttle Bus Guide

Update June 2022: Bus service S1 has been renamed to F100. Fare of RM1.50 remains the same. I know this post is so out of the blue. Why am I giving directions to a mall that many Singaporeans have visited for years? Well this kind of serves as a prelude to my following post after […]

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What to buy from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia? Zhang Village & Kee Heong

It’s so strange as I had been to KL many times for business but I had never taken notice of anything (food) interesting to bring home to Singapore. Maybe that’s what happens during work trips – everything else seems so unexciting, lol. Anyway, the husband had to work on a mega project which he had […]

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The Grand Gem Indian Restaurant @ Grand Bluewave Hotel, Johor Bahru and The Easy Taxi Mobile App

The husband and I popped over to Johor Bahru City Square for a day out of which we seemed to be doing much more often this year than before. It was just one of those moments when we ran out of ideas on where to go in Singapore that would spur us on to cross the causeway to catch a […]

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Secret Recipe @ City Square, Johor Bahru

When the husband and I are out on a date, enjoying a sweet treat at tea time is a mandatory thing to do, lol. After our satisfying lunch at Nando’s followed by a good dose of retail therapy (actually it was him who really shopped, not me! times had changed…haha), we headed to Secret Recipe for its […]

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Nando’s @ City Square, Johor Bahru

Before Nando’s was hatched in Singapore and Johor Bahru in 2010, the closest place where I could get my hands on their flame-grilled peri-peri chicken was their Sungei Wang outlet in KL, Malaysia where I used to travel to quite often for business. Even though Singapore and JB are just neighbours and one probably wouldn’t expect the […]

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Dragon-i Restaurant 笼的传人上海拉面小笼包 @ City Square, Johor Bahru

This is Part II of my food post from our recent day trip to Johor Bahru two weeks ago. Read Part I here. After spending the afternoon shopping at KSL City, we headed back to City Square to meet up with the parents who only then arrived in JB. They came here like previous years […]

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[CLOSED] Pizza Box @ City Square, Johor Bahru

The first time I heard about Pizza Box was when I read some raving reviews from a fellow blogger (thanks again Sam for the recommendation!) last week. And the reviews came at a perfect time as I was also planning a day out to JB with my husband so it became an unanimous decision to […]

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