Fengjia Night Market – A Foodie’s Paradise in Taichung

At the end of our half day tour to Rainbow Village and Gaomei Wetlands, the tour coach dropped us off at Fengjia Night Market. Night markets are an important part of Taiwanese culture and are deeply ingrained in the daily lives of the people. They serve as a hub for socialising, shopping, and dining, and […]

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Discovering the Natural Beauty of Gaomei Wetlands in Taichung

After exploring Rainbow Village, we got back on the coach and our tour guide informed us that we would be making a detour to Tunghai University before visiting Gaomei Wetlands. This was an unplanned visit so we could see a noteworthy feature on the university’s grounds. The reason for the detour was also to optimise […]

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Rainbow Village

Exploring the Bright, Colourful Rainbow Village of Taichung

After eating lunch at Chun Shui Tang, we went to Park Lane by CMP, which was the designated place for us to board the coach for the afternoon tour we had booked with Klook. The tour, which lasted half a day, was roughly S$35 per person and covered the Rainbow Village and Gaomei Wetlands. Price […]

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Chun Shui Tang 春水堂 – The Inventor of Bubble Tea

We took a 10-minute walk to Chun Shui Tang, the creator of bubble tea, after exploring Shenji New Village. The story of Chun Shui Tang 春水堂 Chun Shui Tang is a teahouse chain originating from Taichung. It has outlets all over Taiwan, as well as in Hong Kong and Japan. They also own TP Tea, […]

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Shenji New Village & Come True Coffee in Taichung

With only an afternoon tour planned, we decided to make the most of our free morning. We kicked off the day by visiting the charming Shenji New Village, nestled in Taichung’s West District. This place has become a hotspot, especially for young folks, and you’re about to find out why! Shenji New Village’s Unique Appeal […]

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Enjoy the Sweet Treats of Miyahara – A Must Try in Taichung

Miyahara is a popular dessert shop and restaurant in Taichung’s Central District. They are known for their artisanal sweets and desserts, such as ice cream, cakes, and cookies, made using only the finest ingredients. Miyahara is located in a refurbished, century-old red-brick building, which used to be an eye clinic, hence its Chinese name 宮原眼科. […]

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JG Fried Chicken Taichung

J&G Fried Chicken in Taichung

If you’re a fan of finger-licking good fried chicken, then J&G Fried Chicken (繼光香香雞) is a name that needs no introduction. This popular Taiwanese fast food chain has won over the hearts and taste buds of countless foodies. And it all began way back in 1973 on the bustling Jiguang Street in Taichung’s Central District. […]

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Taiwan Sun Cake Museum – A Glimpse into the History & Making of Tai Yang Bing

The Taiwan Sun Cake Museum (全安堂太阳饼博物馆) is dedicated to showcasing the history of sun cake, also known as tai yang bing, a classic Taiwanese pastry originating from Taichung. The sun cake is a sweet pastry that is filled with maltose and has a distinctive round shape and a flaky exterior. The history of sun cake […]

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Taichung Second Market

Once we settled into Hommie Inn, our rumbling tummies urged us to seek out a lip-smacking late lunch. We wasted no time and strolled a mere 5 minutes to the renowned Taichung Second Market, curious to explore its culinary wonders. Back in 1917, during the Japanese colonial era, the Second Market was crafted by the […]

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A Review of Hommie Inn in Taichung City

For our stay in Taichung, we reserved a room at Hommie Inn (荷米旅居), a 3-star hotel in the central district with easy access to local attractions and sights. Best of all, their room rates are competitive when compared to other hotels in the city. What really appeals to me is that Hommie Inn is just […]

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Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) from Taipei to Taichung

I was sad to leave Hualien because I had grown attached to it after only a few days. But we had to continue on our journey, this time to Taichung. The night before, I texted the local taxi company via LINE to arrange for a taxi pickup to the Hualien train station the next morning. […]

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Dexin Chishang Fanbao – Come here for their tasty bentos!

We came across Dexin Chishang Fanbao (德欣池上飯包) on our way back to Angel Wings Inn after the coach dropped us off at the end of our Taroko Gorge day tour. Decided to get takeout from here to eat at our inn because we were exhausted from our day out. Menu They have eight different bento […]

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Visiting Taroko Gorge: A Must-Do Day Trip in Taiwan

We began our third day early because we had booked a Taroko Gorge Day Tour through Klook. The tour package cost approximately S$50+ per person and included coach pick-up and drop-off at A-Zone (Hualien Cultural and Creative Industries Park), a Mandarin-speaking tour guide, and lunch. Book the tour via Klook If you want to book […]

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Zhou Jia Steamed Dumplings on Gongzheng Street, Hualien City

We walked to Zhongshan Road because we wanted to try the famous steamed buns at Gongzheng Baozi (公正包子店), which many people had raved about on Google. When we arrived, we were surprised to find no queue at the shop, but rather a very long queue at the next-door Zhou Jia Steamed Dumplings (周家蒸餃). The line […]

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Relax and Unwind at Nanbin Park – A Breath of Fresh Air in Hualien

Nanbin Park, also known as Pacific Ocean Park, is a coastal park in Hualien that offers mesmerising views of the Pacific Ocean and awe-inspiring sunsets. It’s the perfect place to escape and rejuvenate. Pacific Ocean Park 太平洋公園 The park is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, with a range of activities to enjoy. We spotted cyclists […]

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Fang Yuan Chao Zhou Handmade Wonton Noodles 方元潮州手工餛飩麵

We were unable to book a whale watching tour in time, so we had a free day in Hualien. Walked down Heping Road from Angel Wings Inn, where we stayed, to Nanbin Park. Came across Fang Yuan Chao Zhou Handmade Wonton Noodles 方元潮州手工餛飩麵 shop along the way and decided to stop for brunch. Had intended […]

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