Chao Shan Te Kar Peng @ Ang Mo Kio

The last time we ate Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu at a coffee shop at Blk 721 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, we spotted other ‘new’ stalls which we said we would come back to try. Funny thing is, whenever we wanted to eat something specific in AMK, it would end up to be something else that was totally different, lol. Since we moved out of AMK a year ago, it seemed like the town centre had gone through a transformation. AMK is now teeming with new cafes, eateries and shops. Even FairPrice Finest and Daiso have opened new outlets here. Gee, I miss my hometown now!

Chao Shan Te Kar Peng @ Jubilee Square Ang Mo Kio

While making our way to the same coffee shop, we came across this dual-concept food place – MaggieMan and Chao Shan Te Kar Peng – which is managed by the folks of Face Ban Mian. Some of you should be quite familiar with Face Ban Mian as they have more than 10 outlets all over Singapore. And this eatery is located right at the corner of Jubilee Square on ground floor, facing the S11 food court.

MaggieMan specialises in Ke Kou Mian (dry/soup/tom yum/gyoza char siew)…

…whereas Chao Shan Te Kar Peng serves up Teochew style braised pig trotter rice. They also have kong bak (braised pork belly) as well as other side dishes like braised tau kwa, braised eggs, pickled vegetables, etc.

Chao Shan Te Kar Peng @ Jubilee Square Ang Mo Kio

We ordered both the braised pig trotter and braised pork belly rice. They came with braised egg and pickled vegetables.

Chao Shan Te Kar Peng @ Jubilee Square Ang Mo Kio

Chao Shan Kong Bak Peng $5.80

The pork belly was fatty and wobbly like a soft jelly. Hardly any meat, mainly fats.

Chao Shan Te Kar Peng @ Jubilee Square Ang Mo Kio

Chao Shan Te Kar Peng $5.80

On the other hand, the pig trotter had a decent amount of firm meat. Its skin was also slightly springy and there wasn’t as much fats as the pork belly.

The pickled vegetables was good. Very appetising. Balanced flavours. Not too salty or sour.

The braising sauce was delicious too. Wasn’t too salty. Pretty robust-tasting. Really reminded me of my late maternal grandmother’s braised duck and pork belly.

I must say, both the pig trotter and pork belly were good. It just depends on what kind of texture you prefer.

Before you dig into the dish, I suggest you pour the piquant chilli sauce all over. Its vinegary flavour really whets the appetite and makes the whole thing even better. 🙂

MaggieMan & Chao Shan Te Kar Peng
61 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8
#01-03 Jubilee Square
Singapore 569814
10.30am to 9.30pm daily

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