Chateraise Singapore – Double Fantasy Cream Puff

My love for choux bun began in UK. ? My then-boyfriend (now husband) thought I was too easily satisfied because it was just a simple, unpretentious choux bun from a supermarket chain that only cost £1! So whenever I visited the UK, he would buy a few boxes of the choux buns before picking me up at the airport so I could enjoy them in the car. ? He must be really pleased then because he saved so much money, haha!

Now that we are living in Singapore, it isn’t easy to get hold of decent choux buns though we’ve tried several from different bakeries. The pastry is either too thick or the filling is too sweet and cloying.

One that I highly recommend is the Classic Cream Puff from Flourish Pastries at Tanjong Pagar Plaza.

Previously, there was also a period of time when I was hooked onto this Green Tea Puff from Polar Puffs & Cakes at Tan Tock Seng Hospital (only available at this outlet for a limited time). The matcha flavour really made all the difference.

Some time back, P visited me with a bag of goodies from Chateraise, a Japanese patisserie which I’m sure most of you in Singapore will have come across because they’ve expanded rather rapidly here. I’ve always enjoyed their cakes and pastries because they are all so pretty and delicious. Make ideal gifts for family and friends and fantastic treats when hosting meals too.

Chateraise Singapore - Double Fantasy Cream Puff

However, today, I just want to feature this particular product from Chateraise Singapore. It’s the Double Fantasy Cream Puff ($1.90) that’s individually packaged and chilled.

Chateraise Singapore - Double Fantasy Cream Puff

Doesn’t look any different from other choux buns or cream puffs but…

Chateraise Singapore - Double Fantasy Cream Puff

…it’s the inside filling that impresses me because it consists of both matcha custard cream and milk cream. And the combination is just divine.

I was told that this cream puff is one of the bestsellers. That fresh and light flavour leaves me with no doubt. I loved the thin pastry skin and I absolutely adored that mousse-like cream filling that wasn’t too sweet.

For info, Chateraise has an agricultural collaboration with Japanese farmers and hence only use the best and healthiest ingredients in their desserts.

If you’re into cream puffs too, this is one not to be missed. ????

Chateraise Singapore Locations

Westgate #B2
Novena Square 2 #B1
Isetan Scotts #01-36/41
Chinatown Point ♯01-40
Serangoon NEX #B2-49A
City Square Mall ♯01-12
Hillion Mall #B1-44
Tampines 1 #01-60
Toa Payoh HDB Hub #01-15
AMK Hub #01-06
ION Orchard #B4-45/46
Clementi Mall #B1-03/04
Liang Court #B1-26

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