Cheapest Nasi Briyani in Singapore at Selera Rasa @ Old Airport Road Food Centre

On the previous occasion the husband and I were here at the Old Airport Road Food Centre, we caught sight of people walking past our table with plates and plates of nasi briyani (briyani, biryani or beryani? let’s just stick with the first for now!) from Selera Rasa. And it was what brought us back here again.

Selera Rasa Old Airport Road Food Centre

I believe what actually drew customers to this stall was that little yellow banner hanging below the signboard that clearly stated the price of $3 for their ‘Special Nasi Beryani DAM’ with 3 options of kambing (mutton), ayam (chicken – fried or curry) and ikan (fish) to choose from. Normally the dum briyanis from elsewhere would most likely cost $5 and up so I was really surprised that such an affordable briyani still existed in Singapore.

Nasi Briyani Dam

We ordered the fried chicken briyani that came with basmati rice, a huge chicken drumstick and pickled cucumber slices, all doused with curry sauce. At first glance, I thought the portion of rice looked slightly smaller than most other nasi briyanis I’d tried. Normally I couldn’t even finish a whole plate myself and had to give the husband half of my rice but I could devour this without difficulty and I wasn’t even extremely hungry that day.

The rice was quite fluffy and fragrant though I would like it to be slightly firmer. The chicken drumstick which was infused with delicious spices and aromatics, was incredibly crispy and flavoursome. Very tasty and moreish! The curry sauce was packed with flavour too.

Even though this was supposed to be a dum briyani (basmati rice cooked with meat and spices in the same pot), it was still like our usual version of briyani where the meat was cooked and served separately on top. Nonetheless, this was still an enjoyable plate and at just $3, it was truly a real steal. Worth a try!

Selera Rasa Nasi Briyani Dam
#01-42, Old Airport Road Food Centre
51 Old Airport Road


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