Chef Icon – Most Amazing Chocolate Cake Ever!

My colleague recommended me Chef Icon after she had her most amazing chocolate cake from there for her birthday. When I first visited the website, it wasn’t really that eye-catchy and I was doubting if it was worth an order. After reading everything on its Avina.Neutro Baking style (no animal rennet, no animal gelatin, no animal meat, no liquor, no margarine, no MSG, no onions & garlic, no preservatives and no chemical bread improvers) and understanding the goodness of its products, I just felt compelled to order something to try as I was really curious if a chocolate cake would taste good if made in a healthier way.
I was deciding between their cheesecake and chocolate cake and finally settled for a Chocolate Trovana. Do note delivery will be an additional $15.00 (islandwide). Alternatively, you can do self collection at their store too.
Chocolate Trovana Cake (500g at $32.80)
I was surprised at how plain the cake looked when it arrived. But looks were indeed deceiving because I could smell the cocoa fragrance the moment I lifted up the lid of the box. And immediately, I knew this was good stuff – even without tasting it.
Look at how moist, smooth and luscious the texture is. It was love at first bite for me. The chocolate wasn’t overly sweet, in fact it was exactly how I love it to be. The rich and intense taste of chocolate oozing all inside your mouth followed by a fragrant and bitter aftertaste of what good quality dark chocolate should leave behind – it was beyond words. The cake was very moist, so moist that I imagined myself eating a pudding rather than a cake. It was also the first time my family and I went hmm-hmm together after the very first bite. Everyone gave the thumbs up. Choc cake lovers, this is a cake to die for. If you haven’t tried this, you are really missing out on good things in life! Worth every penny, worth every calorie. Bring on more!
Chef Icon Nature Bakery
5 Kampong Bahru Road
Tel: 9337 3900
Opens: 8am to 8pm, Mon to Sat


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