A Walk in the Chinese Garden & Japanese Garden (Part 2 of 2)

Continued from A Walk in the Chinese Garden & Japanese Garden (Part 1 of 2).

Something new in the Chinese Garden is this 2CG Jurong which is a community garden project launched in November 2013. It aims to engage senior citizens to stay physically, mentally and socially active and healthy through gardening. This garden comprises of 4 areas: 1) Bonsai 2) Vegetable Farming 3) Herbs & Spices and 4) Landscape. And I must say this was probably my favourite part of the whole tour because there were so many delicate components to explore within the world of gardening. Not forgetting being inches close to nature too.

Chinese Garden 36

Can never resist pretty flowers

Chinese Garden 38

Chinese Garden 40

Somehow this reminded me of the movie “Friday the 13th” lol it’s actually quite scary to look at it cos’ it looks alive

Chinese Garden 42

Toilet bowl seats…how innovative

Chinese Garden 43 Chinese Garden 44

Quite a joy to walk through the herbs & spices garden because I saw so many different flower pots made from our daily items that I’d never even think of associating them with gardening. Very creative indeed.

Chinese Garden 39 Chinese Garden 45 Chinese Garden 46 Chinese Garden 47 Chinese Garden 48 Chinese Garden 49 Chinese Garden 51 Chinese Garden 53 Chinese Garden 54 Chinese Garden 55 Chinese Garden 56

Captured this shot of this beautiful fellow at the Butterfly Garden. So many gorgeous butterflies around!

Chinese Garden 57 Chinese Garden 58 Chinese Garden 59

Chinese Garden 60

The husband is a Rat on the Chinese zodiac

Chinese Garden 61

The bridge in the background connects the Chinese Garden to the Japanese Garden.

Japanese Garden 1

And here’s the Japanese Garden that looks extremely calm and serene. Designed to evoke inner peace and harmony. Really felt relaxing being here.

Japanese Garden 2 Japanese Garden 3 Japanese Garden 4 Japanese Garden 5 Japanese Garden 6

And this marked the end of our walk. I really didn’t expect the Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden to have that many photogenic spots and sights given that it’s such an old park now and I’m really glad that the husband and I had come by for a last look before anything changes in the time to come. We thoroughly enjoyed our time here, exploring the place just like tourists on holiday except we were on homeland ground. The whole experience was better than we expected and we can’t wait to see how this is going to be redeveloped with the new Science Centre, etc.


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