Chinese New Year 2015 Food Factory Wholesale Shopping @ Woodlands & Senoko

[Note: I have received an overwhelming number of enquiries about this CNY food factory sale. Do note I do not represent any of these food factories or brands so if you have any queries about the products, stock availability, operating hours, prices, etc, please contact the respective companies for more info. Telephone numbers are indicated in my post below. Thank you.]

We started off at Woodlands Terrace, made a U-turn to Woodlands Link and then finally ended our itinerary at Senoko South – all on foot. Having completed our Chinese New Year shopping within 5 hours on Saturday was a considerable feat for the husband and me. This year, everything seemed to be done very last minute – spring cleaning, menu planning, food shopping, etc – because we had gone on an impromptu trip which was so enjoyable, we came back with a withdrawal syndrome that took days to heal, haha.

Anyway, one pro about embarking on a wholesale shopping trip like this is that we can get almost anything and everything we need (seafood, meat, dried products, sauces, snacks, beverages, desserts & more) from one area without having to travel everywhere and better still, we can enjoy dollar savings without having to worry about ridiculously marked up prices due to festivity commercialisation and/or inflation.

Most of the factories covered in this post will remain open for business till tomorrow (16 Feb 2015) and some, till CNY Eve. So if you are tempted to drop by for some last minute shopping, grab some deals or check out those steals, now is the time to do so. And for those who still haven’t been to this part of Singapore, I think it’s nice to just check out what are the factories there and to partake in the festive atmosphere. The place is just bustling with people especially when chartered buses drop off loads of peeps who are on RCs/CCs (residents’ committees & community centres) organised excursions.

We took bus 964 from Admiralty MRT Station and alighted at bus stop no. B46881 where the Old Chang Kee factory is. The whole stretch of Woodlands Terrace (along right hand side) is where the major food factories are located. It’s easy to spot those having CNY sales – just look out for extended tentage in their respective premise and/or follow the crowd, lol.

DJ Bakery
6 Woodlands Terrace
Singapore 738431
Tel: 6555 6351 / 6555 6760

Chinese New Year 2015 Food Factory Wholesale Shopping @ Woodlands & Senoko

DJ Bakery was our first stop. The array of CNY goodies was just amazing. And the thing I liked about here was that there wasn’t any pushy sales person around to sell me stuffs. I could take my time to look at what they had to offer and even sample them before buying. The friendly and sincere service from one of the uncles there was also a plus point. It made shopping here really pleasant and enjoyable.

Chinese New Year 2015 Food Factory Wholesale Shopping @ Woodlands & Senoko

They had some really good traditional cookies that were reasonably priced but it was the arrowhead chips (S$10) that caught my attention. The arrowhead chips were deep fried to a lovely crisp together with dried chillies and curry leaves for that extra touch of spice. Really addictive! The yam crisps were equally good too. Everything (cookies, tarts, cakes, chips, etc) tasted fresh and had no reused oil smell for those items that were fried.

KSP Marketing Pte Ltd
10 Woodlands Terrace
Singapore 738435
Tel: 6274 6108

Chinese New Year 2015 Food Factory Wholesale Shopping @ Woodlands & Senoko

KSP is well known as a supplier of meat products to wet markets, restaurants, etc and has been featured on TV for a couple of times.

Chinese New Year 2015 Food Factory Wholesale Shopping @ Woodlands & Senoko

For CNY season, they are selling thinly sliced meats that are suitable for steamboats and shabu shabu. Besides these, the retail shop inside also houses the usual products of premium meats, pork (in various cuts), beef (in various cuts) and poultry.

Zac Meat & Poultry Pte Ltd
16 Woodlands Terrace
Singapore 738441
Tel: 6284 5979

Chinese New Year 2015 Food Factory Wholesale Shopping @ Woodlands & Senoko

One of my favourite meat suppliers to go to. Check out my earlier review on Zac Meat.

Just like their usual last-Saturday-of-the-month sale, they have also set up a tent and put out styrofoam boxes filled with different sausages, hams and bacon as well as a counter for cooked food. Walking further in, you’d see a retail shop on the left that sells marinated meats and kebabs. Also spotted halal bak kwa so our Muslim friends can enjoy this jerky treat with us. And right in the middle is the freezer area for frozen meats.

cny shopping 3a

Bought this jumbo pack of tortilla chips (S$8) so we can munch on them with some home-made guacamole – our movie snack for the CNY, woo!

Sengkang Import & Export Pte Ltd
22 Woodlands Terrace
Singapore 738447
Tel: 6481 7333

cny shopping 5

Selling chicken eggs, rice and mandarin oranges

Foodedge Gourmet Pte Ltd (Melvados)
26 Woodlands Terrace
Singapore 738449
Tel: 6339 4953

cny shopping 4

For yummy sweet treats, head down to Melvados and sample their brownies, cakes, gourmet breads, pastas, soups, gelato and more. This is probably the only food factory I’ve ever visited that is so generous with their sampling. And their food products do not disappoint at all. For those who are hosting meals at home but do not wish to go through the trouble to cook from scratch, Melvados offers convenient solutions with frozen meals and desserts that you can easily serve up at home.

I highly recommend the mint chocolate brownies, black & white brownies, oreo cheese cake, smoked duck, croissants, pasta bake & lasagne.

Check out my review on Melvados.

Li Chuan Food Products Pte Ltd
40 Woodlands Terrace
Singapore 738456
Tel: 6755 6698

Chinese New Year 2015 Food Factory Wholesale Shopping @ Woodlands & Senoko

This place is a steamboat paradise with a wide variety of yong tau foo style products like fish/cuttlefish/prawn balls (about 10 types), fish cakes (about 20 types), breaded crab claw, breaded scallop, ngoh hiang, fried wanton, cheese tofu, fish dumpling, chikuwa, fish paste and so much more. Prices are incredibly wallet-friendly with some products going at 5 packets for $10 (can mix).

I bought 1kg worth of seafood/crab sticks to make baked crab stick crackers as well as a pack of 10 jumbo ngoh hiangs, sandwich tofu, octopus tofu, prawn roll and burdock nuggets.

Chinese New Year 2015 Food Factory Wholesale Shopping @ Woodlands & Senoko

Get this CNY paper bag for free with any purchase <$30 or a chance to win cash & prizes with a scratch card for purchase >$30

Fassler Gourmet
46 Woodlands Terrace
Singapore 738459
Tel: 6257 5257

cny shopping 7

My favourite salmon factory. The freezer was packed like sardines, with people not products! You can get yu sheng quality salmon from here and make your own yu sheng at home. Or buy frozen salmon & seafood products at incredible prices. Check out my review on Fassler Gourmet.

Wang Foong Foodstuffs Suppliers
48 Woodlands Terrace
Singapore 738460
Tel: 6759 4388

cny shopping 8

Wang Foong is a manufacturer & distributor of hams, sausages and other meat products. They also sell cooked meats like baby back ribs, crispy pork knuckles & roast pork.

Boon Tong Kee
52 Woodlands Terrace
Singapore 738462
Tel: 6242 1968

cny shopping 9

Yes, this is the same Boon Tong Kee chicken rice brand that we all are familiar with. Customers pre-order roast meats and various other cooked dishes which they could collect from here. At their CNY sale, they are selling bottled sauces & condiments as well as a limited selection of snacks/cookies. On the left, I spotted a snack kiosk selling skewered fried food. We bought a stick of chicken balls at $2 which was…meh. Made up of only flour, couldn’t taste any meat in it.

56 Woodlands Terrace
Singapore 738464
Tel: 6555 1717

cny shopping 10a

Spotted frozen seafood, sushi, fruits imported from Japan and confectionery. I don’t think the prices are that cheap compared to others but a lot of people gathered there for ice cream breaks, lol hence it was pretty crowded.

cny shopping 10b

Bought these Japanese ice cream at $1.60 per piece. The fish shape one with vanilla ice cream & red beans was so yummy. A refreshing treat for a hot day!

Chuen Cheong Food Industries
58 Woodlands Terrace
Singapore 738465
Tel: 6285 1501

cny shopping 11

For Tiger brand sauces and condiments. Prices here are approx. 10% lower than normal retail.

cny shopping 11a

$2 for oyster sauce – cheap!


Fragrance Foodstuff
60 Woodlands Terrace
Singapore 738466
Tel: 6257 8608

cny shopping 12

The sale at Fragrance is the largest in scale along the whole of Woodlands Terrace. Besides their usual bak kwa, they also have a huge range of crackers, snacks, candies and more (probably more than a supermarket’s!). Not just these, there are also frozen seafood as you walk further in. Really never expect them to sell seafood! Lol.

cny shopping 12a

Pumpkin crackers – I love! And jellyfish for lo hei.

cny shopping 12b

Frozen jumbo prawns at only $19.50 per kg. What a steal!

William Koo Seafood
62 Woodlands Terrace
Singapore 738467
Tel: 6269 2129

cny shopping 13

More seafood!

CS Tay Foods Pte Ltd
65 Woodlands Terrace
Singapore 738468
Tel: 6758 7533

cny shopping 14

CS Tay is a manufacturer & distributor of frozen foods such as their ever popular Japanese Crispy Chicken in original and seaweed flavours that can be found in almost all major supermarkets. Click here for my review on CS Tay.

After walking down the entire Woodlands Terrace, we proceeded to Woodlands Link for more action.

Bengawan Solo
23 Woodlands Link
Singapore 738730
Tel: 6756 9088

cny shopping 15

All goodies are 10% cheaper than normal retail price

After a hectic morning, we decided to take a break at the one & only food centre in the vicinity.

Soon Hong Eating House
17 Woodlands Link
Singapore 738727

cny shopping 16 soon hong eating house

And enjoyed our stir fried beef pasta ($4.50) that we bought from Zac Meat earlier. Home-made style and pretty tasty.

cny shopping 16 lunch

Pin Si Kitchen
19 Woodlands Link
Singapore 738728
Tel: 6758 8177

cny shopping 16

Pin Si may be a caterer but they also sell ready-to-serve food like braised pork hock, salt baked chicken, otah and more.

Polar Puffs & Cakes
15 Woodlands Link
Singapore 738726
Tel: 6257 7377

cny shopping 17

Saw this banner outside the building but there was also a sign at the entrance saying the sale was only on on weekdays so we didn’t get the chance to visit.

Finally we were done with Woodlands Link and we made our way to Senoko South Road for Bee Cheng Hiang.

Chop Hup Chong Food Industries (Bee Cheng Hiang)
6 Senoko South Road
Singapore 758070
Tel: 6759 1911

cny shopping 18

This was the highlight of our entire trip. Who doesn’t like bak kwa?! The husband is crazy over them!

CNY Shopping 18a

Best thing was, the bak kwa were cheaper by 10% here so if you tend to buy in bulk as gifts, you should really visit the factory for maximum savings.

cny shopping 18b

Packed exactly like how their retail outlets do with free red or gold packets. I bought sliced bak kwa as gifts.

cny shopping 18c

And loose bak kwa for our own consumption because they were only $28 per kg (original price was $42/kg). What a steal! Could see the husband’s eyes lit up, lol!

ER Marketing
6A Senoko South Road
Singapore 758092
Tel: 6755 5225

And next door to Bee Cheng Hiang, I spotted a sale of fresh greens & fruits (garlic at $0.50, cabbage at $1, etc), mandarin oranges, yu sheng, canned food and more. Didn’t really need anything from there so only got these pok chui crackers at $0.50 each.

cny shopping 19

And that marks the end of our itinerary.

Been a tiring day for us but definitely a fruitful one. My fridge, freezer and pantry cupboard are now overflowing with abundance, lol. What a lovely stockpile! :p We are now prepared to stay home throughout CNY and still have plenty of food to eat, lol!

Here’s wishing everyone a Happy & Prosperous Goat Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai 🙂 *meh meh*


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