Clover 8 Bistro (Vegetarian and Vegan Dining by Miao Yi) @ Kallang Leisure Park

Clover 8 Bistro

After a good walk around the Kallang Riverside Park, hub and I (while still on healthy mode) decided to settle for vegetarian food for lunch. We found this vegetarian cafe at Kallang Leisure Park that offered a variety of different cuisines from Chinese to Thai, Vietnamese, Western and more.

Check out their menu here:

Clover 8 Bistro Menu Clover 8 Bistro Menu Clover 8 Bistro Menu Clover 8 Bistro Menu Clover 8 Bistro Menu Clover 8 Bistro Menu Clover 8 Bistro MenuClover 8 Bistro Menu

Clover 8 Bistro

When you’re ready, just write your orders on the chit and bring it to the counter to make payment. Food will then be delivered to your table.

Clover 8 Bistro Laksa

I ordered the Laksa with Wanton (S$7.30) which is a signature dish of the cafe.

Clover 8 Bistro Laksa

It looked promising but upon tasting, we found it to be very under-seasoned and bland which wasn’t a major issue as we could still enhance it with light soy sauce. The downside was that there was a lack of spice paste flavour and there wasn’t any sign of laksa leaves too so the broth was very much a watered down laksa-like solution. The only thing that I liked was the fried wanton that was crispy to munch on. As a laksa, I thought this failed terribly but as a regular noodle dish, it was still considered quite homely and comforting. Less salt is better for health anyway so for those watching your diet and don’t really care much about taste, you can still go for it.

Clover 8 Bistro Thai Green Curry

Hub wanted to order the mushroom burger but it wasn’t available so he changed to the Thai Green Curry with Rice (S$6.50) instead.

Clover 8 Bistro Thai Green Curry

The bowl came half-filled with what looked like melted peppermint ice cream – I must be craving for a sweet treat, haha! Presentation was just messy as though someone had already eaten from the bowl.

Clover 8 Bistro Thai Green Curry

There were brinjal, beancurd, cabbage and fried potato in it. This gravy fared better than the laksa’s as this was slightly more flavoursome though we still thought it was a little diluted.

Prices on menu were inclusive of GST. There was additional 10% service charge even though service was found wanting.

We might not have left the cafe with happy tummies but we didn’t feel guilty either because our meal wasn’t oily, salty or creamy (no coconut milk). I think my folks will love this place because they don’t like oily or salty food. Anyway, I noticed most of the other customers were of the older generation too. Well we have had better vegetarian food that’s also equally ‘healthy’ so it is very unlikely we will be back again.

Clover 8 Bistro
5 Stadium Walk
#01-40, Kallang Leisure Park
Singapore 397683
Tel: +65 6348 2077
Website: http://www.clover8.com.sg/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/clover8bistro
Opening hours: 11.00am to 10.00pm daily


  • Mike says:


    Had lunch with my mum today at kallang mall.
    Menu looked great and it stops there.
    Tasteless chicken rice & the green curry was like soup – quite hopeless

    Considering I have been in Singapore 47 years and my mum more then 71 yrs , we
    know what good vegetarian food is.

    In a culinary paradiselike singapore this qualifies as a FAIL.

    North South east west in tanjong katong road nearby has 3 times the menu and much better food.

    Very dissapointed
    Mike & Co.

  • not worth it. been regulars for the past year and the people are so unfriendly (the cashier is unable to recognise us?! – and we have been coming every week) and so often, he doesn’t have change, once he gave us 30cents worth of 5 cents…. this week, he forgot the 10 cents change and last time, he asked for 5cents….
    After a year of eating their food, and we know outside food isn’t allowed, but i brought my starbucks sandwich in…. and he just had to satisfy himself telling us it it’s against the rules… i didn’t share my non-veg food or use the utensils!

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