Dessert Hut 甜品小屋 – Traditional Tong Shui

I used to think of Chinese traditional desserts as plain sugary soups with (possibly) miserable portions of ingredients (I’m not kidding – have you ever tried red bean or green bean soup that’s full of water but so little beans?) until I chanced upon Dessert Hut in Chinatown one day while out shopping with my husband and I have been savouring desserts that I never used to like since then.
Eggcurd ($1.80)
This is served cold and is extremely refreshing just like a chilled pudding. It is so light and smooth that it just slips down your throat. Don’t even need to chew or bite into it. It doesn’t taste very eggy even though its main ingredient is supposedly egg. It just reminds me of a Chinese version of custard pudding or creme brulee with sugar syrup. Bring on some caramel! It makes a great dessert on a hot day.
 Ah Boling with Peanut Soup ($2.50)
These chewy glutinous rice balls are filled with fragrant creamy black sesame. Though the peanuts are cooked soft and tender (and not mushy at all), they still maintain their original form.
Yam with Black Glutinous Rice ($2.80)

This is probably my top favourite on their menu. The yam is more liquefied (like a thick creamy soup) as compared to yam paste served in most Chinese restaurants. It is very smooth and I love how you can just slurp it down your throat. The thing I like best is its original flavour – that natural sweetness and fragrance. Surprisingly the black glutinous rice further brings out the flavour of the yam because it’s chewy so it lends a different texture to this dessert. Perfect match indeed.

With numerous desserts to choose from, I’m sure you can find one you like!

Dessert Hut
101 Upper Cross Street
#02-48/58 People’s Park Centre
Tel: 6533 1137
Website: http://www.desserthut.com.sg
Opens: 11.00am to 7.30pm daily

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