Fassler Gourmet Retail Outlet @ Tiong Bahru

Update 07/2016: This outlet has ceased operation. Please visit Fassler Gourmet at its main branch at Woodlands Terrace.

Some of you are probably familiar with Fassler Gourmet, the salmon factory at Woodlands Terrace by now. For those who still haven’t been there or heard about it, do check out my Food Factory Outlet Shopping at Woodlands Terrace (Part 1 of 3): Fassler Gourmet post. It is the only place in Singapore that I would visit monthly to buy salmon, seafood and sashimi-grade fish (like salmon, tuna, swordfish & more) in bulk at incredible prices.

Woodlands Terrace is probably not an ideal, accessible location for many who are not living within the northern part of Singapore. Good news is, Fassler now has an outlet in Tiong Bahru (yes, the hipster enclave for cafe-hopping) and it has opened for business since last week.

I had to go Foodie Market Place again over the weekend to grab meats and sausages for our Christmas Eve party and at the same time, I headed over to Fassler outlet to check out what was in store. I’m really thrilled that the new Fassler outlet is so near to FMP which means I can go both places at the same time without having to make 2 separate trips, woohoo! And I’m very sure most of you would prefer Tiong Bahru to Woodlands Terrace because when you’re done with your shopping, you can still head over to a cafe for tea which was what I did, lol.

Fassler 1

The Fassler Outlet is located at ground floor of Blk 55 Tiong Bahru Road, just a few units away from my favourite pastry shop, Galicier.

Fassler 2

The layout of the outlet is like the space of a 3-room flat. The moment you enter the shop, you’d see tall chillers like these with different products in every one like smoked salmon, sashimi…

Fassler 3

…assorted seafood products, soups and more.

Fassler 4

I spotted this smaller chiller fridge in the middle that had bottled beverages which I had never tried before. I was so captivated by the pretty bottles that I just had to grab a couple to go. The lady at the counter told me that if I bought them in bulk, it would be much cheaper. For example, the Arizona Tea (top row) is priced at $3.90 per bottle but if I buy a carton of 12 bottles, it will be $3.50 each so that’d be about 10% in savings.

Fassler 5

As you walk further in, you’d see a smaller room on the left hand side that had some dry goods like packet spice pastes and rices on shelves.

Fassler 6

The chiller fridge there had sashimi-grade products like roes, tuna, swordfish, etc.

Fassler 7

The bigger room on the right hand side had these sliding top fridges with different products.

Fassler 8

Above every fridge was a chalkboard signage that stated the products and their prices so just refer to them.

Fassler 9

Obviously this was what I came here for. Salmon belly!

Perhaps because the outlet is still very new, it doesn’t carry all the products that the factory has. What I noticed were missing were salmon belly cubes in 1kg packs, salmon slices in 1kg packs, uncut slabs of halved (whole) salmon and the odds & ends like salmon jaws & cheeks or salmon heads.

But the good thing is, the prices of products here are the same as the factory’s with no markup.

Pros of the Tiong Bahru outlet

1. Convenient location that is easy to get to via public transport.
2. Close to amenities and F&B outlets so you can also run your errands and/or have meals, cafe-hop, etc in the vicinity.
3. Close to Foodie Market Place – the one stop shop for meats, cheeses & specialty products.
4. There is no need to battle with a -18 deg C temperature of the freezer at the factory where the products are stored. Here, products are stored in individual chiller fridges.
5. The outlet is not huge but it is quite spacious inside as the chiller fridges are mainly lined against the walls so there is ample walking space and is probably less hectic if the shop gets busy. At the factory’s freezer, walking space is very limited and it is hard to move around when there are a lot of people inside with baskets on hands.
6. Prices here are kept the same as the factory’s so customers can still maximise their savings by making purchases from here.
7. The factory is only open till 1pm on Saturday and is closed on Sundays but the outlet is opened from 9.00am to 6.00pm on both days which gives customers more flexibility to shop on weekends.
8. There are more parking space in Tiong Bahru than Woodlands Terrace where there’s no parking lots at all so cars just anyhow park along roadsides.

And the only con would be that the outlet does not carry the complete range of products as the factory. Hopefully this will change in the time to come.

Fassler 10

These were some of the products I bought this time round. Broken prawns (perfect for mincing and making dumplings) at $12.50/kg, smoked duck in original flavour at $3.50 per piece and salmon belly in pre-cut slices at $24/kg.

Fassler 11

And not forgetting these lovely bottled drinks, lol. Bickford’s Old Style Ginger Beer and Lemon Lime Bitter @ $2.90/bottle and Arizona’s Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey and Pomegranate Green Tea at $3.90/bottle. To recap, prices will be cheaper if you buy in carton bulk.

Do check out Fassler’s Facebook page for updates and changes in opening times for the festive season.

This outlet only accepts CASH and NETS payment. No credit card facility.

Happy food shopping, folks! And don’t forget to bring along your cooler bag.

Fassler Outlet
55 Tiong Bahru Road
Singapore 160055
Tel: 6221 3055
Website: http://www.fasslergourmet.com/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FasslerGourmet
Opening hours:
10.00am to 8.00pm (Tue-Fri)
9.00am to 6.00pm (Sat-Sun)
Closed on Mondays


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