Fish & Co. Singapore – Tastiest Swordfish Collar

Fish & Co. has been a well-known homegrown food brand in Singapore since a long time ago. Those of you who like fish & chips have probably dined at Fish & Co. countless times before like me. Their Glasshouse outlet (closed in 2016) used to be our favourite hangout place during college days. I remembered the moreish fried calamari which was the dish we would never fail to order – it was so addictive. ???

Been a long, long while since we ate at Fish & Co. and for some reason, we just suddenly missed it a lot.

And so we made plans to have lunch at Fish & Co. to get our cravings satisfied. At the same time, we thought of trying other main dishes that we never had before and their fried calamari (our must-have side, haha) of course.

Fish & Co. Bombay Fish & Chips

Previously we would always go for the cheese-flavoured fish & chips like Danish, New York or Swiss. This time, we opted for the Bombay Fish & Chips that had a lovely aroma of Indian herbs and spices. Loved that fragrant curry mayo dip too as the curry taste really stood out.

Whenever we’re back in the UK to visit my in-laws, we’ll definitely hit the fish & chips shops. Even those unknown neighbourhood shops there seldom get their fish & chips wrong. One kind of batter but different varieties of fish. So good.

Seriously, Fish & Co.’s fish & chips no longer excites us as much. When there is a benchmark, there will always be comparison.

This fish was merely a frozen sutchi fillet that you can also buy from the supermarket (Fish & Co. brand). Though it didn’t have any fishy taste, the flesh itself was really bland too. The only saving grace was the crispy spiced batter coating but it was extremely oily too.

Fish & Co. Singapore - Deep Fried Swordfish Collar

Finally, we tried something new beyond our usual, haha.

When this pan was served up to our table, we just wowed at the massive portion. This was the Deep Fried Swordfish Collar that really looked like fried chicken because they were in big chunks like bone-in chicken breast cuts. Came with sides of Paella Rice and Homemade Coleslaw.

Very impressed with the dish. I totally loved that crispy coating that was beautifully spiced. At one point, I really felt like I was eating KFC. The swordfish was so meaty. Its flesh was firm like chicken meat but it was really moist and juicy. It wasn’t even greasy at all even though this was also deep-fried.

Now, this is what I call FISH. ?

I have a good reason to come back to Fish & Co. again. For the swordfish collar and calamari.

We had everything washed down with a gigantic mug of Jungle Freeze – 1-litre worth of ice blended drink that could be shared between 2-3 persons.

Utterly satisfying. ??

Fish & Co. is located at the following places:

Jurong Point
Novena Square
Seletar Mall
Sun Plaza
Tampines One
Waterway Point

For more information, check out their website http://www.fish-co.com/

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