Fix Cafe @ Ah Hood Road (HomeTeamNS-JOM)

I had been looking at pictures of those tantalising donuts with salted egg yolk dip on instagram and when I showed them to the husband, his heart fluttered. Donuts + salted egg yolk. How ingenious. We made a beeline for those little morsels. Didn’t care what else was there. We just had to satisfy our craving for a novelty salted egg yolk snack at Fix Cafe.

Though it seems like it’s quite a distance to walk from Toa Payoh Central to Fix on the map, it really isn’t too far away. Just need to cut across the Toa Payoh Town Park between The Oasis Taiwan Porridge Restaurant and TPY Swimming Complex followed by an overhead bridge and canal, you can then see the HomeTeamNS-JOM @ Balestier.

FIX Cafe 0

Fix Cafe is an alfresco poolside cafe in the club with no air-conditioned space at all. It can get a little warm on a hot day but this isn’t quite the type of cafe where you’d spend a long time in so it really doesn’t matter.

FIX Cafe 1

I applaud Fix for serving up a different genre of food besides the usual brunch items like eggs benedict or english breakfast that we can get from most other cafes. These are starting to get so BORING, really. Here, we can try something innovative like the naanwich (naan + sandwich).

FIX Cafe 1a FIX Cafe 2

Don’t be surprised to see people clad in dripping wet swim wear coming in here. This is after all a cafe by the pool.

FIX Cafe 3

Besides the quiche, there was also a good assortment of droolworthy cakes and pastries.

FIX Cafe 4 FIX Cafe 5

And here was our table of food. You can view their full menu on their Facebook page (link at the bottom).

FIX Cafe 6

I had the Iced Lemongrass Tea ($4) which was really sweet. Had to leave it for a while for the ice to melt to dilute the concoction. It’d be good if sugar syrup could be provided separately so the level of sweetness could be adjusted to customers’ liking. On a separate note, the drink was very refreshing with a very strong flavour of lemongrass. This was probably good only if you like lemongrass like me. The husband didn’t quite fancy it.

FIX Cafe 7

He tried the Chocolate, Peanut Butter & Banana Milkshake (+$4 with every main ordered or $7 on its own) and was sorely disappointed. We couldn’t detect the chocolate or peanut butter flavour in this. It only tasted of bananas. Obviously there weren’t enough of the chocolate or peanut butter which should be the soul of this. Texture wise, it wasn’t as creamy or thick too. This was really like a banana puree without dairy. Where’s the vanilla ice cream? If you enjoy thick American milkshakes, then this is not for you.

FIX Cafe 8

The Chilli Cheese Fries ($7) looked scrumptious when it arrived on our table. Loved the generous amount of refried beans and cheese sauce on top, just like what we’d get from a Tex-Mex restaurant. Fries were hot and those on the outside were crispy and lovely whereas those heavily drenched in sauce on the inside ended up being soggy. Overall, still a pretty decent plate of cheese fries. Thumbs up.

FIX Cafe 9

The Beef & Kimchi Naanwich ($10) came with a wobbly poached egg in the middle. When we burst the yolk, it was just like a mini volcano explosion with viscous lava spreading out slowly which was good so it wasn’t too runny and wet otherwise it might make the whole thing soggy. The beef chunks tasted like beef rendang. Fork tender, with fibres and strands of meat. Made a good combination with the kimchi that was crunchy and appetising. It was difficult to cut through the naan with a knife so we had to use a little more effort to tug and pull it apart. Probably best to just pick it up with our hands and eat like a roll or sandwich.

FIX Cafe 10

The naanwich came with a serving of cheese nachos in a pretty teacup.

FIX Cafe 11

And this was the reason for coming here.

FIX Cafe 11a

The Donuts with Salted Egg Dip ($7) were freshly fried before dusted with powdered sugar. They were soft, airy and fluffy, absolutely not greasy and tasted good on their own. With the dip, they were made even better. The salted egg dip was more on the sweet side since this was supposed to be dessert and yet it had a nice aroma of salted egg yolk just like eating a liu sha bao. Addictive! Before we finished our starter and main, this dessert was the first to be polished off! Besides salted egg dip, there is also another choice of lemon custard dip.

Good news is, all prices indicated here are NETT. Yes, there is no GST or service charge hence making this an affordable brunch venue. While I didn’t think the savouries were that impressive, I wouldn’t mind returning for their donuts and try out some of their pretty cakes too.

This is a halal-certified cafe.

Fix Cafe
31 Ah Hood Rd
HomeTeamNS-JOM Clubhouse
Tel: 6256 1484
Website: http://fix-cafe.com.sg/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FIXsg
Opening hours: 11.00am to 9.00pm daily
Closed on last Tuesday of every month

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