Free samples and freebies in Singapore

Updated on 05 October 2016

** For Singapore citizens & residents only **

Below is a consolidated list of freebies that you can request for if interested. Just click on the respective image or link to redeem.


Get your Free Cradle of Love Goodie Bag!

Get your Free Biore Micellar Cleansing Water Sample!

Get your Free Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil Sample!


Get your Free Eoshungcho Mask Powder sample!

Get your Free Papulex samples!

Get your Free Lipice Fruity Strawberry sample!

Get your Free Bifestra Cleansing Sheet sample!

Get your Free Daylong Sunblock sample!


Get your Free Caboki sample!

Get your Free Palmer’s Cocoa Butter sample!

Get your Free Curél Face, Body or Hair sample pack!

Get your Free Curél Sebum Care samples!

Get your Free Lactacyd samples!


Get your Free Cetaphil samples!

Get your Free Fennel HandyPack!

Laurier F sample pack

Get your Free Laurier sample pack!

Get your baby a Free Merries diapers sample!

Get your Free Acnes Sealing Jell & Creamy Wash samples!

Get your Free EnfaMama / Enfamil / Enfagrow milk formula sample!

Get your Free Drypers sample!

Get your Free milk formula samples from Wyeth Nutrition!

Get your Free milk formula samples from Friso!

Get your Free Tena sample!

Get your Free milk formula samples from Karihome!

Get your Free milk formula samples (for Mothers) from Anmum!

Get your Free Bepanthen ointment sample (for baby’s nappy rash)!


Get your Free Mamil Gold milk formula samples!

Get your Free Huggies sample!


  • Hi
    My company is organising a walk/jog event on the 6th Aug 2016 and we’re sourcing for companies or individuals to offer their food item for sampling on that day.
    We’re celebrating our 25th Anniversary with our learners (approx. 200 to 300 out of our grand total of 60,000)
    Participating in this event will further enhance the image and awareness of the food items. ideally, healthy food, snacks and drinks.
    Hope to hear from your members who’re keen to participate as sponsor to this event, supporting healthy body, healthy minds.
    Hear from you soon, cheers

  • Lynn Toh says:

    Hi Geri, I would like to thank you for sharing these freebies! Much appreciated! In return, i would like to contribute to this post, i found another freebie and want to share it with others also. A new milk brand has a giveaway, Aptamil Free 900g Sample. Just register to their site to get your freebie!

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