Galicier Pastry Chinese New Year Goodies Price List for 2015

CNY shopping had been a last minute mad rush for me as I’d only started on it today for the entire day, lol.

For the last two days, the husband had popped over to Galicier Pastry from his office that’s nearby as I wanted him to buy pineapple tarts but they always ran out by the time he got there. Tried my luck this afternoon and was really glad that I could finally get hold of the tarts and a few other types of cookies too. Everything was just running out too quick! In fact there was a queue when I was there – with people collecting their orders and with walk-ins like me. But good thing is, they have fresh supply of pineapple tarts daily so if you’re there early tomorrow, you can still purchase them on the spot. Best to give them a call before heading down just to make sure stock is available, otherwise it could just be a wasted trip.

For pictures of some of their items, check out my post here. For my review of their pineapple tarts, check out my post here. I’ve just sampled the tarts and they are still as good as before!

Below is Galicier’s 2015 price list for reference. Please click to enlarge. Comparing with 2014’s, prices have again gone up by a dollar for every product. The woes of inflation!

Galicier Pastry Chinese New Year Goodies Price List for 2015

Galicier Pastry Chinese New Year Goodies Price List for 2015

If you’re still doing your CNY shopping, do hurry down while stocks last!

Most if not all cookies are also available all year round regardless if it’s the CNY season or not so for those who wants to give them a try but can’t get your hands on them this CNY, you can still make your purchases after the lunar new year. Prices on the above list apply.

Tiong Bahru Galicier Pastry
Block 55 Tiong Bahru Road #01-39
Tel: 6324 1686
Opening hours: 10.00am to 8.30pm daily (Closed on Monday)

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