Gim Tim Restaurant 锦珍酒楼 at Ang Mo Kio

It has always been a challenge to me to find a good Chinese restaurant where the entire family will enjoy given the different tastes and high expectations we (esp. the older folks) all have with food. So for Dad’s birthday this year, I decided to bring the family to this little air-conditioned restaurant tucked away at the void deck of the AMK residential estate, in the hope this long-running restaurant will impress the taste buds.
It is a Friday night but the restaurant isn’t busy at all which is good so we can enjoy our meal in peace.
Gim Tim Cold Dish Combination ($30.00)
I always love my cold dish! Probably because of its variety. It’s a pleasant sight to have different food items presented on the same plate. Makes me feel I am spoilt for choice. For Gim Tim’s Cold Dish Combination, there are stir fry pacific clams, fried chicken cutlet, prawn salad on fruit cocktail and ngoh hiang. The ngoh hiang and the pacific clams are the best! Ingredients are fresh, items are tasty and beautifully presented. Definitely set the stage for more to come.
Fish Maw Seafood Soup ($15.00)
Usually I don’t fancy starchy sharks fins or fish maw soup. But this was light and very tasty. I expected myself to feel very thirsty after assuming I’ve gulped down 2 full bowls of ‘MSG-seasoned’ soup but surprisingly, I didn’t as there was no need to. Plenty of fresh ingredients such as seafood and veggies.
Seafood Claypot Tofu ($14.00)
Another typical claypot tofu dish. Not overly outstanding but still quite tasty. Sauce goes rather well with rice. The veggies aren’t over-cooked and manage to maintain that crunchiness in them.
Crispy Chicken ($15.00)
It reminded me of a suckling pig equivalent where we only eat the crispy skin but after trying out one piece, I realise it’s not meat we are eating but some kind of squid or fish paste that’s spread underneath the chicken skin and deep fried till it’s crispy. Don’t get me wrong. It’s still a very tasty dish. But I do like my meat dish to be real meat so it lacks the punch to really impress me despite being recommended as a signature dish by one of the service staff.
Salted Fish Fried Rice ($8.00)
A simple dish with not-so-expensive ingredients but it’s probably one of the best I’ve ever tried. There are loads of crispy salted fish bits and they lend a salty fragrance to the rice. The rice pellets are not overcooked or soggy and are a little chewy – the perfect consistency for fried rice.
Yam Paste ($4.00 per bowl)

I’m the typical Teochew Ah Muay who loves her traditional yam paste. This was served with gingko nuts, sweet corn and coconut milk. We waited quite a while for this to be served but it was well worth it. Nice touch to end the meal with.

Overall, I would say I have found another gem in good old Ang Mo Kio. A restaurant that’s not too commercialised, yet maintained its traditional flavours in its style of cooking. For a family of four, the above dishes are more than enough to satisfy all our taste buds. Can’t wait to try the other dishes at our next return!

Gim Tim
Blk 157 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4
Tel: 6459 7766
Opens: 11.30am to 2.30pm, 6.00pm to 10.30pm daily


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